When you’re running your social media accounts there is one thing that’s easy to talk about.

Your business.

Promotions, news, your people, pictures of your workplace…

I could go on.

But that’s not all we want to hear about.

It’s Like You’re on a Date

No one likes the guy who talks just about himself and ignores you on a date.

Or the girl (pretty as she may be) who just won’t stop blabbing about how wonderful she is.

It’s the same in business.

You’re talking to people that you’re getting to know, who are also getting to know you.

And you want them to go on a second date with you (i.e. buy a product, hire you, visit your place of business).

So Here Are 13 Tips…

Or 13 ways to NOT talk about yourself online.

One. Quotes.

These babies are golden. Who doesn’t love a good quote? Who hasn’t shared one that speaks to you on social media?? Whether it’s straight text or you make a graphic, someone else’s wise words are always appreciated online.

Two. Ask a question.

What does everyone else know about? Themselves. I’ve asked a “Question of the Day” and gotten huge responses! So, question of the day: When it comes to swimming, are you the first one on the diving board or do you have to test the water first? (I have to test the water first!)

Three. Take a poll.

Market research? A chance to get everyone talking? Or asking just because? These can be loosely related to your business and gets people talking without directly talking about yourself.

Four. Get your fans and followers to use a hashtag.

Over at Hipster Investments we’ve started using #not9to5 and have a plan this summer to get fans and followers involved by tweeting their #not9to5 pictures. Then we’ll share them from our account!

Five. Have a contest.

Similar to the previous, and a hashtag can be included. Get your fans and followers to enter the contest via social media, and share their entries from your account.

Six. Let others do the talking.

Very simply, retweet or share what other businesses and people have shared whether it’s about your business or something else. A pretty Twitter feed has more than just your name all over it.

Seven. Talk about what’s trending.

But be OH so careful with this… The blunders from here are sometimes funny and sometimes absolutely tragic. What you say from your business account reflects the whole company.

The key here? The latest news item (big or small) can and should be talked about. But that doesn’t mean you have to turn it around and relate it to your business. That’s where people get fired and companies get a bad rap.

Eight. Talk TO people.

Search for people who have talked about a topic related to your business. Something you believe in or something you find interesting. Just because it doesn’t directly relate to what you sell (let’s say pillows) doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it (sleeping, sleeping in, bed, bedtime, reading in bed).

Plus, just check out what your followers are talking about. It’s always exciting to have the brands they follow say something to them.

Nine. Support partners.

Who do you work with? Who does work for you? Who are your clients? Give them a shoutout! If you’re working with them then they’re doing good work too and your fans should know it!

Ten. Give to a non-profit or a cause.

There are a lot of reasons to do this that I won’t get into. Since this post is about not talking about yourself online, we’ll focus on how you can give a shoutout, promote the cause, give facts about it, ask people to give to them, and so on. A lot of good can be done through social media!

Eleven. Comment on the “mundane”.

The weather may be gorgeous, or freezing cold. Maybe you took your first sip of morning coffee. Whatever it is — your audience could be doing it too. Throw out a comment or question to let others know your business is real and like them.

Twelve. Wish everyone a happy weekend! Or holiday!

We all love our weekends and holidays. So get in spirit! This is a great chance to create a graphic and “send a card” via social media.

Thirteen. Where are you, and what are you learning?

I often see this at conferences, or sometimes from reading books. People will take your recommendations and appreciate that they’re getting some useful information from you.

What other ideas do you have to not talk about yourself? Tell us in the comments or share it with us on social media!

April 13, 2015

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