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2015 marketing predictions are here!

I have seen this graphic everywhere. And the predictions make sense. They’re just an extension of the 2014 trends, really.

The big question we all have though, is what can we do about them?

How can you be prepared to keep up with the rest in 2015?

More importantly, if everyone is following these, how can you stand out on day one in 2015?

First, you can. You can stand out. On day one.

That’s about the branding. I wrote about that a couple weeks ago here.

Now you need to take that branding and apply it to these marketing predictions.

But wait! Don’t forget to be flexible. Marketing is ever-changing because we are dependent on customers, clients, and everyone else out there. But these predictions are a good place to start.

Here are 4 ways to make your marketing stand out on day 1.

One. Content Marketing

Yes, we’ve heard this. Like I said, these are an extension of 2014 marketing trends. Content marketing is all the rage because it’s working.

Take a short break over the holidays. That may mean extra work before Christmas, but then breathe for a bit. Start brainstorming because it’s fun! What do your customers want? What do you have to offer? Are you creating the content, or are you investing in having someone else do it?

Whatever the solution is, be ready to steal the show.

Two. What are your thoughts on video?

Me? I’m not a big fan. I don’t usually watch videos online, and I certainly don’t make them. But the numbers say that I’m in the minority.

You don’t have to make them just like everyone tells you to though.

I love these stats from the 2015 predictions:

75% of executives watch videos at least once a week. 50% watch videos on YouTube. 65% visit the website after viewing the video.

Whoa! Those guys are powerful. I think we need to get on that.

What are you comfortable doing a video of? Yourself? Other people? A video contest from your fans and followers? A tour through the office to introduce the team? Can you write something funny? The possibilities are endless!

Not to mention where you can put the video. It can be on your website, your blog (AKA vlog), social media… Depending on the video and its purpose, get it out there.

Three. Get personal

You know the emails I don’t read? They’re from the places that give me coupons. Seriously! World Market sends me ads and coupons every day. Every. Single. Day.


When I’m going to go, I’ll go grab my coupon. Otherwise though, I don’t really care what you have to show me.

Yet when a fellow marketer sends an email (because we’re all the rage and ahead of the game) or TOMS sends an email, I open it even if I know I’m not going to care what’s in it.


Well, first, they have a great subject line. But their subject line is personal. It makes me care. TOMS recently sent an email with the subject, “Take 25% off. Because we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Awe, really? Thanks you guys!

These predictions say, “We expect 1-to-1 marketing to grow…” Yeah we do! Start writing on email, social, and your website like you’re helping a friend.

Four. I’m always on my phone

Aren’t you? You better believe the people you’re trying to reach are.

Okay, these are way behind the times, but don’t feel bad if you haven’t done them yet! Just get on it soon.

Reading all of this (the predictions, not my post, but that’s good too), I can’t help but see that what I’ve been reading is only ever half the story. There is marketing info that tells you it’s a science and all about the numbers. Then there are marketing people that tell you it’s all about the art.

Either side is only half the story. Marketing is both science and art. And don’t forget that it’s constantly changing. Read all you can from those who have done it first, but don’t rely on it. You still have to find out how to do it so that it works with your fans.

The science will get it done. The art will get your fans raving. And you need both in your marketing.

What do you think about these 2015 marketing predictions? What are you going to do next?

December 22, 2014

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