4-ways-to-brand-yourself-onlineWhat is a brand? It’s you. Your company.

Now, better question, what is your brand doing online right now? Sometimes during the holidays we can get a little lost – caught up in selling and things we ‘need to say’…

But is that all you want to do? All you should be doing?

(In fact, working with some clients right now I feel like there’s a hashtag chat with other brands happening and that’s about it.)

More specifically, let’s ask: how do you brand? And in today’s digital world, how do you do it without simply talking about yourself all the time?

One. Brand your graphics

A great visual goes a long way. And put your logo on it! Everyone loves graphics, and people love to share them. Make sure you claim it!

Not a graphic designer? You have two options.

One, make something easy. I talk about how here.

Or, hire someone else to do it. There are a ton of graphic designers out there looking for projects. If you want my recommendation, contact me here and I’ll get you in touch! You can also check out oDesk, where I often find clients.

Two. Align yourself with influencers in your market.

Remember the ‘hashtag chats with other brands’ I mentioned? Yeah, don’t do that. But there’s a lot you can do!

Ask influencers for advice or a bit of wisdom. Thank them for posting a particular article. When they respond, all their followers will be able to see it, and you can RT it to add value to your followers too.

Three. Have a voice.

Whether it’s sassy, intelligent, environmentally-conscious…write it and stick to it.

The main thing is to sound like a person. From one-man-band to large corporate, you can have a voice and sound real. The more personal you are, the more your followers trust you…the easier it is to sell your product/service.

Four. Always take care of your customers.

What do you want to be known for? Do that thing!

Whether it’s always having the answer or your great customer service; maybe you are intent on sharing your customer’s photos… Don’t stop.

Don’t stop doing that thing. The more you do it, the more people see it.

How are you branding online right now?

December 10, 2014

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