Have you heard the joke that only Google employees are on Google+? Of course it’s an exaggeration, but I think it’s actually the wrong joke.

What I know that you know…is that Google likes itself (here’s the joke). And if you’re a business and you want your website to be found, then you want to be Google’s friend. So get on Google+!

First, make yourself a Google+ page. If you use Gmail then you’re already halfway there. I’d suggest at least adding a picture, adding some work info, and finding some people you know. This gives you personally a face, but it also makes it easier to start your business page too. Experimenting with your personal social media page always helps you understand how your business page works.

Next, create your business page. Add a photo, a cover photo, as much information as you can, a link to your website/blog/Facebook page/Twitter page/YouTube page/everything online.

After you’ve created your page, start following people and post some updates! Natural social media growth is slow to start, but it’s also exponential. The more people you have following you, the easier it is to share and grow.

Because Google does, well, practically everything, Google+ actually works well with gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar,  Google Hangouts, Google whatever. I know that Google wants you to use them for everything business. And, well, you can! It’s available if you want to try it out.

The MOST important reason to be on Google+…is that Google loves itself. I know, I know! I’ve said that. But seriously, search online for who the top search engine is. Google wins every time with a large margin.

And when people search for your business, how many look past the top 5 links, top 2 links…who even gets off the first page?? If you’re on Google+, you have just pushed your business up in the rankings a little bit. Here’s a post from Hootsuite that’s more in-depth than I’ll go into here.

Helpful hints:

1. Use Hootsuite.
You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In. Don’t just use all the same posts from Facebook and Twitter on Google+ though. Mix it up a bit.

2. Post shareable content.
On Facebook you should post lots of visuals. On Twitter post quotes and start conversations. On Google+ you can do all of this, but post some different content too. Make sure you get articles and blog posts out there; content is king right now.

3. Schedule smart.
People are on Google+ during work hours. Keep this in mind while you’re posting. What kinds of things do you like to see at work?

4. Grow your page across platforms.
Ask people to find you on Google+ through other platforms. I’ve seen a few people who have noticed Google+ and ask a few times a week through Twitter to connect with all their followers.

What about you? What have you noticed about Google+?

July 25, 2013

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