expertMarketing is a lot of things.
As in, not just advertising.

I understood what that meant: branding, customer service, design, advertising, social presence.

But it was only recently that I began to really experience it.

Last month I did it. I ventured out on my own.

This didn’t happen in the span of a week or two, but I was pretty sure that I was building up to it.

Being a working mom is tough. Not being at home to work and having a continuous weekly deadline with little flexibility? That started to not work well for me.

I found small jobs on oDesk in my spare time. Not to mention working on About Mom and Dad with Rachel Shepherd.

Then, one day, I started turning down jobs on oDesk. But these guys really wanted me to work with them…so I took the jobs.

And here I am now. On my own little corner of the internet. Learning about things like aviation and real estate.

Web Marketing Outlaws

First came Craig. I wouldn’t have looked twice at the job except that he was from New Zealand.

As his Social Media Coordinator I worked out the social media strategy, started researching and posting, and began editing and posting blog posts.

Now I also write the weekly newsletter.

Web Marketing Outlaws has some seriously great marketing info. Check it out, and sign up for the newsletter! You’ll hear from Craig and I every Wednesday.

Escape Velocity | ATPLOnline New Zealand

I’m not entirely certain how this happened, but I landed yet another gig in New Zealand. Can they fly me over yet? (Actually maybe, because these guys are pilots.)

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (New Zealand English!) online theory courses. Now expanding to Australia (Spring 2015), I run Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and recently finished writing about 100 newsletters including a string of welcome newsletters and newsletters for each course. The monthly newsletter is on its way!

Not long ago I discovered that while fashion is fascinating to me, it eludes me.

But New Zealand aviation? Apparently I can write about that.

Hipster Investments

Who here has heard of turnkey real estate investments?

I hadn’t until I met this girl—Ali Boone. Her site is seriously awesome.

She caught my eye, and I’m so glad I took this job. Marketing consultant by day, …okay, and by night.

Based in LA, lifestyle design is this girl’s thing. Work from anywhere, and let your life dictate your work; not the other way around. How does she do it? Turnkey Real Estate Investments.

She is all over social media, BiggerPockets and other Real Estate Investment blogs, and her own blogosphere. When I’m not editing, posting, and strategizing, I’m working on getting her nearly complete eBook out there. (Coming soon!)

*Disclaimer: Not an Expert

None of this means that I have become an expert at marketing. Again—that is a tall order!

But there are some things that I’m discovering people need that I have.

I am crazy organized and stay on top of deadlines and schedules.
I am a logical and strategic thinker.
My creativity is not bound by only what I know now.
My natural language is conversational and friendly, even when speaking in someone else’s voice.

So what are you working on in your corner of the internet? You know where to find me.

November 6, 2014

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