Earlier this week I shared a new blog post: 2 BIG Ways to Engage Your Social Media Followers. At some point I realized how long it was getting and how I was really just focusing on Facebook. But there are three other really great examples I’d like to share covering Twitter and Instagram.

If you read my last post, you’ll know I was talking about how you can…

One. Break the Ice
Two. Contests, Voting, Giveaways

Here are 3 MORE really great uses of social media by big brands that you can imitate whether your company is large or small.



Have I talked about TOMS enough yet? I’m not sure how many blog posts I mention them in, but I really admire them as a company and in what they do online.

Recently they started a new campaign: #IAMTOM. They asked their fans to write on their Toms flags (the ones that come with every pair of shoes, etc) to make it say “#IamTOM.” They then asked fans to post pictures of themselves online including the hashtag.

Once this started, @TOMS began sharing fan pictures on their own account. You can see this in all their social media networks, but I believe this campaign is focused on Twitter because you can constantly tweet and no one thinks anything of it (but don’t fill up my Facebook feed!).

This did three things.

Break the ice…and find something your fans can share to reach exponentially more people.


Two. My Yoga Online

This falls under the category of “contests, voting, and giveaways.” Throughout social media, My Yoga Online has been promoting a contest run through Instagram.

If you want people to pay attention to something new or to boost a particular platform, this is a great example.

MYO often posted about their contest: Follow the link with instructions, and go like them on Instagram. Then, post your own yoga photo tagging MYO. This gave MYO an opportunity to “regram” some of their favorites (see above for people loving this) and choose a winner for their contest.

Added bonus? Subscribe for MYO’s website and newsletter for more yoga and to be the first to find out about more contests! Getting more names in your book is always a great goal in online marketing.


Three. Alamo Drafthouse

Have you been here? Seriously love their theater experience. Not to mention their pre-show “shut off your phone before we kick you out” PSA’s.

The Drafthouse has done numerous contests where, to enter, you have to do 3 things.

Not only does Drafthouse have your info in the hopes that you’ll sign up for their newsletter (because you can opt out), but they have new followers, and those new followers have followers. Like with Toms, that’s exponential exposure. Now Drafthouse just has to keep your interest with quality content they put out, but that’s a different post.

**Note: These engagement tactics take more time to execute whether that’s from you, someone on your team, or an outside marketing firm/freelancer.

Have you tried any of these ways to engage your followers? Do you have other big ideas like this?

June 21, 2014

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