Riding the Bus is Hard… and I Speak English

09 Jun 2017 Give Generously No Comments

Part 1: Sometimes You Take a Leap Visit #2... here we go. Remember that they need to ride the bus. I have never ridden the bus. Rebecca has never ridden the bus. I had two kids in tow. We had 6 people trusting us to teach them how to do this thing they need

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Sometimes You Take a Leap

07 Jun 2017 Give Generously No Comments

We've been trying to volunteer with refugees for two years. Yes, two years. I don't remember what it was that happened in Syria two years ago that got our attention, but we've been trying since then. It's hard when you work during the day, have kids too young to help, and

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How Can We Help Refugees?

27 Mar 2017 Give Generously No Comments

On Monday evening I went to the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio to attend an event... "Cultural Conversations: Refugees in San Antonio". In San Antonio we're lucky enough to have people from many different cultures. And if you know me, then you know I've discovered I'm quite

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Take Back The First 100 Days

22 Jan 2017 Give Generously No Comments

We went to the Women's March in San Antonio yesterday. And there's something I need you to know about it... There were people who 100% agreed with the Unity Principles of the event and people who disagreed with some of it. But that's not really the point. If you look around

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Why And How We Need To Help Refugees Now

14 Dec 2016 Give Generously No Comments

If your head isn't in the sand, then you've heard about what's happening in Aleppo. The Syrian Civil War between President Assad and the rebels seems to be ending... and not in favor of those who have been fighting for a democracy and for their lives. As millions have escaped

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How To Make A Difference Right Now

11 Nov 2016 Give Generously No Comments

It's hard to know what we can do sometimes. The world changes and we just feel stuck or lost. Whether it seems large or small though, everything helps. Gathered from friends and people I follow, these are some ideas to help now. Ways you can give, volunteer, effectively talk to government, new

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7 Ways To Buy One Give One… All Year Long

14 May 2016 Give Generously No Comments

Okay, there are truly about a million ways you can give. But by buying just one extra item every time you go to the store... you're giving all year long, you're giving with your children, and you're making it a habit. So that you can give more to people in need and

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Food Drive… Just Walk To Your Mailbox!

13 May 2016 Give Generously No Comments

Look what just came to the mailbox! You can now give the items you've been saving up super, super easy. Just walk them down to your mailbox! Or, if you've been saving for quite awhile... maybe take a quick drive, depending on how far your mailbox is. Buy One Give One started

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4 Tools To Increase Productivity

20 Apr 2016 Leading Business No Comments

If you hadn't figured it out yet, I am a busy woman. To top it off, I've been told that I can do in one hour what a normal person can do in 3. Like I said... I'm really productive. There's a lot that goes into that. Like

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How To Get More Done In Less Time: From A Ridiculously Organized Work-At-Home Mom

12 Apr 2016 Leading Business No Comments

I know there's been a lot of this out there lately. I just listened to Amy Porterfield's podcast on it, in fact. But I've had the idea to write this before I saw everyone was doing it... I just haven't taken the time! So before I'm really out

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