How to Grow Fast and Fail Spectacularly

How to Grow Fast and Fail Spectacularly

10 Feb 2016 Gaining Traction No Comments

You read that right! Grow fast but fail spectacularly. (It seems I have a theme in my last couple blog posts.) I see a lot of marketers who can grow your business fast! But they forget something really, really important... The brand. They will sacrifice the brand (in graphics,

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand For Big Numbers

27 Jan 2016 Gaining Traction, Social Media No Comments

Here's a quick Marketing Tip of the Week for you! You can follow every marketing trend and get fantastic stats from it (I've seen it done!). But when you are just doing what everyone else is doing... Are you getting the right people to pay attention? This is really

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Do You Really Need to Know What Inbound Marketing Is?

04 May 2015 Gaining Traction No Comments

Have you heard this term? Inbound Marketing. Fancy, right? What the heck does it mean? I've seen some fancy definition that make no sense. (I think some people write definitions just to confuse you... and sometimes that's so you'll throw money at them and tell them to do their thing.) But a writer I

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You Can’t “Do” Marketing Without Measuring It

27 Apr 2015 Gaining Traction No Comments

Okay, I suppose you can do marketing without measuring it. But then what's the point? You have no idea what's working, why something is working, what's not working, or how to reproduce it. So you have to measure your success (or lack of) to really do marketing well. You know what’s great? Facebook Insights. Google+

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2015 Marketing Predictions & What To Do About Them

22 Dec 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

(Click to see full graphic) 2015 marketing predictions are here! I have seen this graphic everywhere. And the predictions make sense. They're just an extension of the 2014 trends, really. The big question we all have though, is what can we do about them? How can you be prepared to keep up

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4 Ways to Brand Yourself Online

10 Dec 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

What is a brand? It's you. Your company. Now, better question, what is your brand doing online right now? Sometimes during the holidays we can get a little lost - caught up in selling and things we 'need to say'... But is that all you want to do? All you should

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Redefining Men

30 May 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

I saw the 'Champions of Facial Hair' commercial during the Spurs game and remembered how, when we first saw it, David's initial thought was to question why Just For Men was using hipsters as their actors. Don't they target older, ruggedly handsome men with grey hair? Yes. Yes they do. 1.

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National Penguin Day

19 May 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

I had an idea for a National Penguin Day blog post. Unfortunately, that was April 25 while I was still getting used to having two kids to take care of. Instead, here's a penguin commercial to brighten your day today! Client: Residence Inn Agency: mcgarrybowen Tagline: It's not a room. It's a residence. Penguins were

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One of These Things Doesn’t Belong

23 Apr 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

At Bulverde and 1604 yesterday I saw these signs. Typical signs proclaiming their neighborhood is the best in quality and/or price. But there's one! One sign that is not like the others. Continue reading →

On Blogging…

26 Mar 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

I've told people before that they should be able to write a blog post in an hour. The answer is pretty much this coupled with a dumbfounded face:

"An hour??!"

Yes. An hour. How else do bloggers and brands churn out so much content? If you read from

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