4 Tools To Increase Productivity

4 Tools To Increase Productivity

20 Apr 2016 Leading Business No Comments

If you hadn't figured it out yet, I am a busy woman. To top it off, I've been told that I can do in one hour what a normal person can do in 3. Like I said... I'm really productive. There's a lot that goes into that. Like

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How To Get More Done In Less Time: From A Ridiculously Organized Work-At-Home Mom

12 Apr 2016 Leading Business No Comments

I know there's been a lot of this out there lately. I just listened to Amy Porterfield's podcast on it, in fact. But I've had the idea to write this before I saw everyone was doing it... I just haven't taken the time! So before I'm really out

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The “Mom Job” For An Introvert

08 Apr 2016 Leading Business No Comments

I'm going to offend some people here. And for that I'm sorry. Please take this as my personality and trying to help others like me. That doesn't mean I think ill of others who do this whole working mom thing differently... Just that it's not for me and

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How to Be Organized and Get More Done

08 Oct 2015 Leading Business No Comments

First question: do you know where your phone is? If you don't, then you're probably disorganized. Okay, terrible question. Because I don't know where my phone is, and I am super organized. That's not true. I am organized, but I also know where my phone is. I didn't used to though. I don't mean

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Mance Rayder’s Freelancer Mantra

14 Apr 2015 Leading Business No Comments

The freedom to make my own mistakes is all I ever wanted. -Mance Rayder & Freelancers Everywhere

Mance Rayder said this in the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere "The Wars to Come". I'm a little late in posting, because freelancing, but this quote jumped out at me as soon as he

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We’re Expanding!

30 Mar 2015 Leading Business No Comments

You heard right — Jackie McGinnis Marketing is growing! We're starting to work with more clients and want to offer more marketing and designing services, so our team is growing into a team of experts. Not only do we offer branding, marketing strategy and copywriting... But we are happy to have graphic

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When You Become an Expert

06 Nov 2014 Leading Business No Comments

Marketing is a lot of things. As in, not just advertising. I understood what that meant: branding, customer service, design, advertising, social presence. But it was only recently that I began to really experience it. Last month I did it. I ventured out on my own. This didn’t happen in the span of a

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Book Review + Giveaway: Framing Faith

06 Jul 2014 Leading Business 7 Comments

I don't know about you, but I'm a multitasker. And I am always attached to my phone (baby in one hand, phone in the other, a few “uh-huhs” to the three year old). If my phone isn’t within arm’s reach then I’m lost (also when I accidentally sit on

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Book Review: Creativity, Inc.

07 Jun 2014 Leading Business No Comments

Pixar Animation Studios is one of my favorite companies. Not only do I love their movies (Finding Nemo is my favorite, but it's a tough call), but their offices, creative process, and history are some of the best and coolest, ever. So how could I pass up reading a

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The Art of Marketing Yourself

08 Apr 2014 Leading Business No Comments

Why do you need to market yourself? There are many reasons this should be something you’re always considering. Presenting yourself well can lead to new jobs and opportunities, give you the chance to pursue your dream, and helps with any future endeavors you may not even be considering

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