Friday is the Day to Do All the Things! (Not Really)

Friday is the Day to Do All the Things! (Not Really)

31 Jan 2014 Leading Business No Comments

This post isn't just for marketing; it's for anyone who works and wants to be more organized. One thing I absolutely have to keep organized is work though. I'm super efficient, and organization and planning helps make that happen. The problem with work is that you eventually have to stop working

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The Forgotten Holiday

01 Nov 2013 Leading Business No Comments

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Does Apple Have Anything Left For Us?

17 Sep 2013 Leading Business No Comments

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What’s your dream?

19 Aug 2013 Leading Business No Comments

One day, I decided to do something random that didn't make any sense. This guy (he wrote a couple books, so you may have heard of him), Jon Acuff, said on Twitter, "Who wants to be part of the Start Experiment? Sign up here." So...I signed up.

Why? I

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Leave Your Mark

03 Jun 2013 Leading Business No Comments

It's June! Gosh, where did that come from? Because of everything that's going on I completely missed April, and May was just a huge blur. So I've been puttering along...working here, playing with Chelsea there, reading, drinking hot tea and working on future things.

A picture

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Do Something Worth Talking About

02 May 2013 Leading Business No Comments

Last week I wrote about not letting your passion die. You can check it out here. So how's it going? Have you told everyone heard about your passion yet?

If so, great! You're not done yet though. As I was reminded by a friend, "You can't just talk about

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Let’s See That Passion!

25 Apr 2013 Leading Business 2 Comments

"But this will totally change your world!" you say. "Oh?" we think. "Maybe," we respond.

Maybe??! Not really the response you were looking for. So now you half-heartedly tweet again, or maybe Facebook it because different people will see it. And then it's gone. You were passionate, but no one cares

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It’s Okay to Make a Mistake

15 Apr 2013 Leading Business No Comments

We watch a lot of movies at our house. I mean, as a film major David knows everything -- he knows which movies we'll want to see, what the reviews say, the IMDB rating, and quite possibly how they all end too.

David and I both have our favorites, as does

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