Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand For Big Numbers

Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand For Big Numbers

27 Jan 2016 Gaining Traction, Social Media No Comments

Here's a quick Marketing Tip of the Week for you! You can follow every marketing trend and get fantastic stats from it (I've seen it done!). But when you are just doing what everyone else is doing... Are you getting the right people to pay attention? This is really

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How to Respond to Trolls (And Other Tips for Responding on Social Media)

22 Oct 2015 Social Media No Comments

If you've been on social media for any length of time, then you know there is a period when no one comments on your blogs or responds to you on social media (or maybe just your mom). But what about when you do get responses? And they aren't what you were

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What To Do With Facebook Ad Options

15 Oct 2015 Social Media No Comments

Facebook ads used to be really simple. Choose your targeting, create your ad, wait for it to be approved... Run your ad. But now there are so many details and qualifications, and it seems like Facebook is constantly changing how it works. How on earth are you supposed to keep up? Don't

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Social Media Marketing Tip #89

20 Apr 2015 Social Media No Comments

You know what we all love to see from our favorite brands? A little behind the scenes action! How many of you have had marathons watching the behind the scenes appendices from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Just me? No one else? (Well this got awkward…) It's seriously fascinating stuff. Like how

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13 Ways to NOT Talk About Yourself

13 Apr 2015 Social Media No Comments

When you're running your social media accounts there is one thing that's easy to talk about. Your business. Promotions, news, your people, pictures of your workplace... I could go on. But that's not all we want to hear about. No one likes the guy who talks just about himself and ignores you on a date. Or

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Different Network, Different Audience

06 Apr 2015 Social Media No Comments

How many social networks do you post on? What do you post on each network? Let me just say one thing... I hope you don’t just post the same thing across all 18 social networks you have. In fact, if you have your Facebook and Twitter connected... please undo that! It's very impersonal

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Why should I post more often on social media?

21 Jan 2015 Social Media No Comments

So, why should you post more, rather than less, often on social media? So we know you! When copywriting, I'm a "less is more" kind of gal. Sometimes that's not the case when I'm talking, like, out loud, but that's different. Shorter copy means I can grab your attention better,

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New (Prime-Placement) Call-To-Action Button on Facebook

15 Jan 2015 Social Media No Comments

New on Facebook! Does your page have it yet? They'll be rolling out in the next few weeks is what I hear. So what is it and what's the big deal? In the screenshot you can see where this is placed — right next to your "Like" button. (Like I said, Prime

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Why I Hate Facebook

16 Dec 2014 Social Media No Comments

If you came here from Twitter, then you already know the answer. But in one word, I can describe to you why I hate Facebook: Clutter. Since I'm in marketing, I'm probably expected to like Facebook because it's so saturated and full of potential clients, followers, and people who buy stuff! But seriously.

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What’s the Word on Ello?

29 Sep 2014 Social Media No Comments

If you ask them, they are simple, beautiful, and ad free. Currently invitation-only, they claim they will never sell your information to to third parties. I've heard it called the next anti-Facebook network (in articles from the likes of The Washington Post, New York Daily

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