Social Media Marketing Tip #7

Social Media Marketing Tip #7

06 Jan 2014 Social Media 2 Comments

I'm pregnant (and I'm going to talk about food). That means I'm eating for two (so they say). This time around I don't actually like food a whole lot; I'm super picky. In order to eat enough I decide what sounds best--steak, hamburgers, garlic bread, grapefruit (I think I'm going

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09 Oct 2013 Social Media 1 Comment

I've seen hashtags used many different ways. Some people say there's a correct way and a lot of incorrect ways to use them. And if you're talking marketing -- there is a useful way to use them...and everything else.

For example: use #shutdown not #thisisstupid. When someone clicks on #thisisstupid there are

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Connecting on LinkedIn | Social Media Series Part 4

31 Jul 2013 Social Media No Comments

Why am I going to write about LinkedIn? dad was on a social media site before me!

Here's the message he sent me when I connected with him on LinkedIn: "Yeah! All my other contacts are stuffed shirts! Double

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Be Google’s Friend on Google+ | Social Media Part 3

25 Jul 2013 Social Media No Comments

Helpful hints:

1. Use Hootsuite.
You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In. Don't just use all the same posts from Facebook and Twitter on Google+ though. Mix it up a bit.

2. Post shareable content.
On Facebook you should post lots of visuals. On Twitter post quotes

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Who Loves PInterest? | Social Media Part 2

21 Jun 2013 Social Media No Comments

I love Pinterest! You can follow me here.

Also, I'm so behind my goal on blogging. I'm working on it!

Men--don't stop reading yet just because I said 'Pinterest.' It's not just for women. While they're still in the majority on Pinterest, there is SO MUCH there (take

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Your Business & Social Media | Part 1

07 Jun 2013 Social Media No Comments

Marketing on social media can be a huge pain in the...yeah, you know, booty. Get your company on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (what??), Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, Buzznet, Foursquare, Instagram, CafeMom, and Meetup. I don't even know what all of those are.

Now here's the real question that you need to answer

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