How many social networks do you post on?

What do you post on each network?

Let me just say one thing… I hope you don’t just post the same thing across all 18 social networks you have.

In fact, if you have your Facebook and Twitter connected… please undo that! It’s very impersonal to see you say the exact same thing in 2 different places.

Different Messages For Different Audiences

Facebook users don’t like seeing posts that look like they belong on Twitter. The writing and tone is just different. Not to mention the amount of posts.

And don’t even get me started on how much Twitter users strongly dislike Facebook posts. Many active Twitter users are there because they don’t want to be on Facebook anymore.

So having to click on a Facebook link to see the whole Twitter post? Not going to happen.

Does anyone active on LinkedIn even post on other social networks?

Let’s just leave Google+ alone… It’s dying anyway.

Each of these audiences wants to see something different.

They all want to connect, but they’re each going to do it in a different way.

Follow the Rules

Twitter is 140 characters. Period. No cheating. Links (including graphics) are always worth 23 characters whether you use the whole link or shorten it with,, or another link shortening tool.

And did you know that while graphics grab the most attention on Twitter, links are more widely clicked on?

Now let’s talk Facebook: videos and graphics…that’s the way to go. Blog posts are great too. Really, just something fun and engaging!

As a business it’s hard to compete with quizzes and cat pictures on Facebook. But that’s why you shouldn’t get too serious.

Yet on LinkedIn, it’s nearly all business! You can (re)post blog posts there now too.

Don’t Forget the Graphics

Pinterest & Instagram are the biggest social networks in this category.

You can post about yourself, but make sure you talk about other people, businesses, and aspects of life too.

Pinterest Tip #1: Create a couple boards that are about your business, but create most that just relate.

#2: Make some boards that fans can contribute to. They love getting on board and showing off what they love too!

Instagram Tip #1: Use hashtags. (I know, they’re the worst.) Use what’s relevant, find what’s trending, and create your own business branding hastags.

#2: This is an excellent place to hold a contest!

What differences do you see in your social media audiences?

What are some different ways that you can post on each network?

April 6, 2015

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