Last week I wrote about not letting your passion die. You can check it out here. So how’s it going? Have you told everyone heard about your passion yet?

If so, great! You’re not done yet though. As I was reminded by a friend, “You can’t just talk about it…you have to DO something!”

I had planned to write about that later but had no idea what to say at the time. Lucky for me, I was watching Finding Nemo today with Chelsea (I sense a theme in my posts…).

I won’t take you through my whole thought process because it truly wouldn’t make sense (No really, ask David. He’s still not sure how my brain goes from “I almost cut my finger off” to “Remember that movie you told me about the other day?” within a split second).

(As I skip ahead randomly)

Remember how I follow people on twitter who tell you to be awake and working on your dream at 5am or whatever? Well, there’s another trend that I keep seeing from them: “Do something worth talking about.”

Back to Finding Nemo for a minute…

Chelsea and I were watching Finding Nemo, and I was struck by the moment when Marlin tells Squirt and the other turtles about the journey to find his son.

Well, Squirt told the story to a fish. Then we see two new fish who have heard the story, then some lobsters are talking about it. Next a couple of swordfish, the dolphins are really impressed, the seagulls hear the story, and they tell the pelicans.

Marlin didn’t think that his journey or telling his story would make a difference, but it did. He had done something worth talking about, and that was what ultimately helped him find Nemo.

“Do something worth talking about.”

As in, sitting around waiting for inspiration to fall in your lap isn’t going to cut it. Find what you’re passionate about, talk about it, and get out and do something.

A friend of mine is working on a new project, and I get to help her with it! She wrote a film script based on a true story called About Mom and Dad. It’s a dramedy — not usually my thing — but I seriously could not put the script down when I was reading it. I loved the characters and had to know what happened to each of them.

David and I know this writer/director, Rachel, from college. And I know that she doesn’t make a movie so that she can make money. She makes a movie because she wants to make a difference. She wants to tell a story, and she wants to help people.

So here’s what she’s doing with her movie:

1. It is an entirely local production. (Local is Dallas-Fort Worth area.) All the money spent on this film goes back into Texas actors, Texas locations, Texas restaurants, Texas everything.

2. This is a “green” production. Instead of large amounts of printed scripts and a million thrown away water bottles, they’re going to have iPads and chargers, reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, recycling, and carpooling.

Rachel took her dream, she talked about it, she did something with it, and now she’s ready to make her movie! You can check out her About Mom and Dad Kickstarter project to find out more about the story, Rachel, and the production. There’s an intro video (and a new one coming soon!), pictures, and a really cute song about all the things not in the movie. Give a few dollars to it–you can become a “second cousin,” “drunk uncle,” or even a “slightly better relative” depending on how much you give (fun, right?). There are more giveaways to come too!

For updates, head on over to the About Mom and Dad Facebook page where yours truly will be posting updates throughout the Kickstarter campaign, production, and the film festival circuit. I’m really excited about this project! Since meeting David I’ve been involved in his films in a number of different roles, and now I get to be involved in a film on a bigger scale and do what I’m really good at–marketing.

So what are you going to do that’s worth talking about? I look forward to hearing your stories!

May 2, 2013

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