Graphics are everywhere! Infographics, quotes, pictures and cats. Lots and lots…of cats.

But let’s ignore the cats…

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A splash of creative can boost your social network’s engagement rate quickly, and legitimately. Friends see when someone has liked, commented, and especially shared your status, so let’s give them something to engage with! Super awesome graphics.

How can you make your own sweet graphics? And what about when you’re on the go?

One. Let’s talk pictures.

A quick guide to taking pictures on your phone (note: I have an iPhone, but these should be similar tips across the board).

What is the subject of your picture? You’ll want one focal point so the eye knows where to go. That may be something (or someone) centered, or it may be off to the side for artistic value or leaving space for a quote (more on doing this from your phone soon).

Please make sure you take horizontal pictures. Sometimes vertical is necessary for a tall subject, but overall you’re going to get more of (and closer to!) the subject in a horizontal photo. Or, better yet, change to square picture taking. If you’re posting on Instagram, you’ll need to square it up anyway.

Did you know you can…
> Tap a place on your screen to choose the focus.
> Zoom with the two-finger swipe.
> Turn the flash on or off. This is necessary for museums and some events but also helpful because many phones adjust to lighting for you before the flash.

Two. Editing

iPhone editing options kind of suck in the camera app.

What are some other options?

If you’re posting to Instagram, they have gotten more detailed in their editing options, so this is typically a good choice.

Adobe Photoshop has a nifty little app too. Even the free version is worth a try.

My personal favorite? Snapseed. It’s a Google+ app, and particularly nice is the “selective adjust.” This is a FREE app, and what you can do with it is really impressive!

Another graphic editing/creating app I’ve tried is Studio Design.

Three. The Words

Want to add a quote? Reminder? Date? Something fun?

Totally doable.

Whatever photo editing (however simple) option that you have on your computer will do the trick.

On your phone though, consider using one of these apps to add quotes to your latest photography:
> Pic Monkey [FREE]
> Rhonna Designs
> Little Moments
> Wordswag

Check out the photo sharing app you use and the others I’ve already mentioned. Many of these have text options as well.

Want to simply create a picture with the drag and drop kind of options? is pretty cool I hear..

Some pointers…
  > Pick one font (MAYBE two depending on what you’re doing).
> Make the font pop! Otherwise we can’t read it. What do I mean by “pop?” Use contrasting colors and consider a bolder font.
> Too busy of a background means we can’t read it too.
> Let the font compliment the picture. Busy background + busy font is just too much for the eye to handle. Simplicity can be a beautiful thing.

Four. Don’t forget to claim it!

What identifies you, and how can people find you?

Use your logo, website, or name on the graphic. Then, when these are shared all over the net, you’ve got word of mouth marketing doing it’s thing.

What photo creating/editing software and apps do you use?

September 2, 2014


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