This post isn’t just for marketing; it’s for anyone who works and wants to be more organized.

I am super organized. In fact, I’m a bit odd for a creative; we’re typically really scattered and can’t keep it together. Ask my mom though–as a kid my room was clean to the point of being unable to touch anything because then it would be out of place. Especially since having a kid I’m gotten a little more flexible. I’m not fully-okay with messy, but I can deal with organizing it later.

One thing I absolutely have to keep organized is work though. I’m super efficient, and organization and planning helps make that happen. The problem with work is that you eventually have to stop working and put work out of your mind for an evening or weekend. How do you come back to the middle of that thing you’re doing? If you’re organized and plan your week, then you have a strategy for this.

Here’s an organization tip I want to pass on to you…

Friday is an organization day for me. Monday-Thursday is spent working on projects and getting ready for the next big thing. Then on Friday I have a couple of tasks, and I otherwise spend the workday tying up loose ends.
To forget about work over the weekend, to not wake up in a cold sweat at 3am on Sunday thinking it’s Monday at 11am and I forgot something and am late for every meeting ever…this is what Friday is for.
To be more clear:

One. Fridays are to finish up what I’ve started in the week.

Two. Fridays are to prep and organize for next week.

For me this means writing a to-do for next week based on what has happened this last week and what I already know is coming up.

Three. Fridays are not for, “Oh my gosh I need to do all these things right now before the weekend!”

Let’s take a look at my work week at the church…this doesn’t including being a wife, mom, volunteer, freelancing, and anything extra-curricular. I work part time, part of that is at home, and I spread out the hours because of timing necessities both for work and family.

Sunday: 1 hour gathering data for content
Monday: 3 hours writing content, scheduling social media, answering emails from Friday/weekend, website editing, starting projects
Tuesday: 5 hours at the church working on projects, website editing, getting info to/from those at the office
Wednesday: 3 hours writing content, working on projects, website editing
Thursday: 5 hours at the church working on/finishing projects, finishing website editing, getting info to/from those at the office
Friday: 3 hours finishing late addition web edits, 2 tasks for the weekend, preparing what I didn’t finish for the coming week

Why does my Friday consist of finishing and prepping? I don’t finish everything. I stress out. I stress out the people I work with. I stress out my family. And if none of that stress is happening on Friday, then it’s happening on Monday or whenever the deadline comes about and it’s amplified.
Plan your week so that Friday is an organization day: finishing and prepping.
You know the other big reason why this is a good habit? It won’t happen like this every time. I have Fridays where I just want to crawl back in bed because a new project appeared that needs to be ready in 24 hours. But if I save the wrapping up of the week for Friday and that’s about all that’s on my plate, then I have an opportunity to take these things and finish them without too much rearranging and putting off of other projects!
If this sounds awesome to you and you want to planning your week like this, a word of caution: it’s not going to start out pretty.You know all those times you’ve resolved to organize yourself? I bet you never did. Not necessarily to your fault, but because that’s when everything went wrong. So the next day or week you tried, it was just too much effort and you remembered how badly last time went. Not a very encouraging way to start again.

Decide to do this. With each new week, decide to make Friday your organize and prep day. Then give yourself 6-8 weeks to accomplish this with the knowledge that you need to be flexible.Is Friday all too crazy for you? Are you going to plan your work around a finishing & prepping last-day-of-the-week?

January 31, 2014

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