facebook-76531_640If you came here from Twitter, then you already know the answer.

But in one word, I can describe to you why I hate Facebook:


Since I’m in marketing, I’m probably expected to like Facebook because it’s so saturated and full of potential clients, followers, and people who buy stuff!

But seriously. There is just. Too. Much. Stuff.

Yes all the “share this if” photos are gone, but I know at least 38 words that describe me, have read 1,084 Buzzfeed lists, and have hidden practically everyone from my timeline because text, graphics, links and videos were all shoved in my face. Enough already…

I’ve been able to do some marketing on Twitter recently and have found that I kind of like it actually. (Don’t just post stuff, because then it’s spam. Seek out legit [legit] conversations.)

So even for marketing, I’m free to go elsewhere (and so are you!).

I have a Facebook business page. I think about deleting it every other day. (I mean really, who would miss it?) but then I remember that I use it for research. The best way to know all the ins and outs and the possibilities is to have one!

But, I still prefer Twitter. It’s easier to converse, find conversations, connect and even disconnect from people. Whether personally or as a business, this is appealing.

Depending on your business, I’ve seen Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ be great places to connect and grow too.

Now I just need Twitter to tell me when everyone’s birthdays are…

What about you? How do you feel about Facebook?

December 16, 2014

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