I had an idea for a National Penguin Day blog post. Unfortunately, that was April 25 while I was still getting used to having two kids to take care of.

Instead, here’s a penguin commercial to brighten your day today!

Client: Residence Inn
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Tagline: It’s not a room. It’s a residence.

Penguins were most popular a few years ago with the release of movies like March of the Penguins, Happy Feet, and Surf’s Up; but penguins still have a major cute factor to them. The existence of the internet and twitter accounts like @cutebabyanimals, @CuteBabyAnimal, and @_cutebabyanimals prove they’re effective in catching attention.

While you could simply put penguins on the screen and I’d watch if they slept, this commercial is extra appealing because not only are they tucked into bed, but the penguins play in the bath and check out the freezer after they arrive at Residence Inn.

How can you tell a better story? Add something adorable, like penguins!

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May 19, 2014

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