Call-to-action-facebook-2New on Facebook! Does your page have it yet?

They’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks is what I hear.

So what is it and what’s the big deal?

Call-To-Action Button

In the screenshot you can see where this is placed — right next to your “Like” button. (Like I said, Prime Placement!) So it’s really easy for people to see and, more importantly, click on.

Check out the featured image to see what your options are.

(Note this is all free… an actual feature for Facebook business pages, not Facebook just setting you up to give them more money.)

So make your choice of the button wording, put in your website, and an optional mobile website.

Click ‘Next’ and choose whether to send people to an app or a website from an iPhone or iPad. Click ‘Next’ and choose app or website from Android Device.

Then click ‘Create’!

Why Is This Important?

Okay, here’s the good stuff. Website traffic. Downloads. Clients. Customers.

Take your pick. Isn’t that what we’re all on Facebook for?

If you don’t have the button now, get ready. Because you will soon. I just gave you all your options, so you can plan ahead!

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Pick your button.
  3. And get your landing page ready!

The sooner you do it, while it’s new, people will pay more attention.

Something to remember: both now and when the newness has worn off, target audience is new visitors to your Facebook page. Sure, everyone who visits your page will see it now… but how many pages do we actually visit when we have our handy-dandy Facebook Timelines with all the important updates?

This is a great chance to drive traffic to your website or app when people first discover you on Facebook.

My thought — use this in conjunction with Facebook ads! (Post forthcoming!)

Do you have the new Facebook Call-To-Action button yet? How are you using it?

January 15, 2015

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