Normally not my thing, Valentine’s Day. Not that this year is any different, but I wanted to write a fun blog post since I’ve sort of skipped this week.

This has been one of those weeks where, come Tuesday, you might think I’m happily laughing at your jokes or you might actually think I’m funny for once, but I had actually passed all sensibility and just started laughing weirdly like Amadeus (you know, in the movie AMADEUS).

Here’s a song from FROZEN that Chelsea and I love to get your Valentine’s Day going.

Especially come the last verse — “everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper…” So true!
One more thing to leave you with. I admit, I went searching for it, but take a look at one of the worst Valentine’s Day ads I have ever seen. Happy day everyone! Go love on someone special. (Also, you’re welcome.)


Happy Valentine's Day from the swatch
From Business Insider

February 14, 2014

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