At Bulverde and 1604 yesterday I saw these signs. Typical signs proclaiming their neighborhood is the best in quality and/or price.

But there’s one! One sign that is not like the others.


Seven13 | Signs & Graphics LLC

That. Is. Brilliant.

How to Think Outside the Box

The placement of this sign is perfect for Seven13. While you and I may look at all the signs on access roads and think, “yeah, okay,” (unless you’re looking for a house and then you’re more likely to pay attention) there are people who pay attention to spots like this.

Think about what catches your attention when you’re out and about or on the internet. The things you like and know something about are going to stick out to you because they’re familiar. (That’s why in marketing they say you need 3 touch points before you’ll actually get a potential customer’s attention.)

So who is going to pay attention to those signs on the side of the road? People who need signs. They’re thinking about signs, planning a design, need to advertise something…and right there amongst the signs about house availability in nearby neighborhoods is a sign for a company that creates signs.

Seven13 decided on their target market and went looking for places to advertise where they can catch some attention. What they got from it was an advertising spot where people are at a stoplight and have a few minutes to look around and they are the only sign of their kind there.

Who is your target market and what is a new place that you can advertise to get their attention?

April 23, 2014

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