Mance Rayder’s Freelancer Mantra

Mance Rayder’s Freelancer Mantra

14 Apr 2015 Leading Business No Comments

The freedom to make my own mistakes is all I ever wanted. -Mance Rayder & Freelancers Everywhere

Mance Rayder said this in the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere "The Wars to Come". I'm a little late in posting, because freelancing, but this quote jumped out at me as soon as he

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13 Ways to NOT Talk About Yourself

13 Apr 2015 Social Media No Comments

When you're running your social media accounts there is one thing that's easy to talk about. Your business. Promotions, news, your people, pictures of your workplace... I could go on. But that's not all we want to hear about. No one likes the guy who talks just about himself and ignores you on a date. Or

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Different Network, Different Audience

06 Apr 2015 Social Media No Comments

How many social networks do you post on? What do you post on each network? Let me just say one thing... I hope you don’t just post the same thing across all 18 social networks you have. In fact, if you have your Facebook and Twitter connected... please undo that! It's very impersonal

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We’re Expanding!

30 Mar 2015 Leading Business No Comments

You heard right — Jackie McGinnis Marketing is growing! We're starting to work with more clients and want to offer more marketing and designing services, so our team is growing into a team of experts. Not only do we offer branding, marketing strategy and copywriting... But we are happy to have graphic

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Why You Should Start Retargeting Now

01 Feb 2015 Website Traffic No Comments

You need to start retargeting. Now. Yes, now. Why you ask? Because it targets those most interested in your product/service and saves you money. Let's look at an example... I was visiting the TOMS site one day (as I so often do). As one of their members and subscribers I got to be part

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Why should I post more often on social media?

21 Jan 2015 Social Media No Comments

So, why should you post more, rather than less, often on social media? So we know you! When copywriting, I'm a "less is more" kind of gal. Sometimes that's not the case when I'm talking, like, out loud, but that's different. Shorter copy means I can grab your attention better,

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New (Prime-Placement) Call-To-Action Button on Facebook

15 Jan 2015 Social Media No Comments

New on Facebook! Does your page have it yet? They'll be rolling out in the next few weeks is what I hear. So what is it and what's the big deal? In the screenshot you can see where this is placed — right next to your "Like" button. (Like I said, Prime

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2015 Marketing Predictions & What To Do About Them

22 Dec 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

(Click to see full graphic) 2015 marketing predictions are here! I have seen this graphic everywhere. And the predictions make sense. They're just an extension of the 2014 trends, really. The big question we all have though, is what can we do about them? How can you be prepared to keep up

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Why I Hate Facebook

16 Dec 2014 Social Media No Comments

If you came here from Twitter, then you already know the answer. But in one word, I can describe to you why I hate Facebook: Clutter. Since I'm in marketing, I'm probably expected to like Facebook because it's so saturated and full of potential clients, followers, and people who buy stuff! But seriously.

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4 Ways to Brand Yourself Online

10 Dec 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

What is a brand? It's you. Your company. Now, better question, what is your brand doing online right now? Sometimes during the holidays we can get a little lost - caught up in selling and things we 'need to say'... But is that all you want to do? All you should

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