When You Become an Expert

When You Become an Expert

06 Nov 2014 Leading Business No Comments

Marketing is a lot of things. As in, not just advertising. I understood what that meant: branding, customer service, design, advertising, social presence. But it was only recently that I began to really experience it. Last month I did it. I ventured out on my own. This didn’t happen in the span of a

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What’s the Word on Ello?

29 Sep 2014 Social Media No Comments

If you ask them, they are simple, beautiful, and ad free. Currently invitation-only, they claim they will never sell your information to to third parties. I've heard it called the next anti-Facebook network (in articles from the likes of The Washington Post, New York Daily

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How To Easily Create Your Own Graphics

02 Sep 2014 Design 2 Comments

Graphics are everywhere! Infographics, quotes, pictures and cats. Lots and lots...of cats. But let's ignore the cats... Created for HipsterInvestments.com A splash of creative can boost your social network's engagement rate quickly, and legitimately. Friends see when someone has liked, commented, and especially shared your status, so let's give them something

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4 Ways Hashtags Are Not Terrible

21 Jul 2014 Social Media No Comments

If you're like me, you're not really a big fan of hashtags. Thinking about it though, I realized hashtags aren't all bad. It's really just distressing how they're used. I've already written about that here... So, counter to my last hashtag post, here

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Book Review + Giveaway: Framing Faith

06 Jul 2014 Leading Business 7 Comments

I don't know about you, but I'm a multitasker. And I am always attached to my phone (baby in one hand, phone in the other, a few “uh-huhs” to the three year old). If my phone isn’t within arm’s reach then I’m lost (also when I accidentally sit on

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MORE Big Ways To Engage Your Social Media Followers

21 Jun 2014 Social Media No Comments

Earlier this week I shared a new blog post: 2 BIG Ways to Engage Your Social Media Followers. At some point I realized how long it was getting and how I was really just focusing on Facebook. But there are three

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2 BIG Ways to Engage Your Social Media Followers

16 Jun 2014 Social Media 1 Comment

When it comes to social media there are many types of posts you can do, and your goal has been to get people to see them, right? After all, the whole purpose of social media is to be seen! Well, okay, first -- no. Second -- what about engagement? I wrote recently

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Father’s Day Edition: Social Media Done Right

15 Jun 2014 Social Media No Comments

Practically everyone is on social media now. And yes, I mean *practically.* I do know people who are non-existent to the online world...somehow. With so many people online, as you can imagine, a lot of things just kind of suck. But here's a new post I may or may not

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Book Review: Creativity, Inc.

07 Jun 2014 Leading Business No Comments

Pixar Animation Studios is one of my favorite companies. Not only do I love their movies (Finding Nemo is my favorite, but it's a tough call), but their offices, creative process, and history are some of the best and coolest, ever. So how could I pass up reading a

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Redefining Men

30 May 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

I saw the 'Champions of Facial Hair' commercial during the Spurs game and remembered how, when we first saw it, David's initial thought was to question why Just For Men was using hipsters as their actors. Don't they target older, ruggedly handsome men with grey hair? Yes. Yes they do. 1.

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