It’s All in the Response

It’s All in the Response

27 May 2014 Website Traffic 3 Comments

Webinars: Do you watch them? Participate? Host your own? I love webinars! Such a great way to get some insight and learn from experts you follow online. Sometimes I get a lot out of them, and other times I am affirmed that what I've learned through practice about marketing is exactly

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National Penguin Day

19 May 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

I had an idea for a National Penguin Day blog post. Unfortunately, that was April 25 while I was still getting used to having two kids to take care of. Instead, here's a penguin commercial to brighten your day today! Client: Residence Inn Agency: mcgarrybowen Tagline: It's not a room. It's a residence. Penguins were

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One of These Things Doesn’t Belong

23 Apr 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

At Bulverde and 1604 yesterday I saw these signs. Typical signs proclaiming their neighborhood is the best in quality and/or price. But there's one! One sign that is not like the others. Continue reading →

The Art of Marketing Yourself

08 Apr 2014 Leading Business No Comments

Why do you need to market yourself? There are many reasons this should be something you’re always considering. Presenting yourself well can lead to new jobs and opportunities, give you the chance to pursue your dream, and helps with any future endeavors you may not even be considering

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On Blogging…

26 Mar 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

I've told people before that they should be able to write a blog post in an hour. The answer is pretty much this coupled with a dumbfounded face:

"An hour??!"

Yes. An hour. How else do bloggers and brands churn out so much content? If you read from

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Your Church and Social Media: What Do You Do and Why Do You Do It?

19 Mar 2014 Social Media No Comments

Maybe I wouldn't call myself a marketing "expert," but I read up on marketing constantly and have been working in church marketing and social media for about 4 years. Plus some side marketing with other companies...that's a decent amount of practice and hours put in, so I have a lot

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What’s Wrong With Not Having a Social Media Strategy?

12 Mar 2014 Social Media No Comments

You’re on social media. You post sometimes. You have no goals, no schedule, no ideas. In short, you have no social media strategy.

What’s wrong with that?

A lot, actually. Take a look --

One. When you have no social media strategy, you stop posting.

If you don’t know what

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Does the Sight of Political Ads Cause You Pain Too?

27 Feb 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

Drove by the library the other day...where they're holding early voting. I took the above picture. Perhaps to you this many political ads is a beautiful, welcoming site. But to me...not so much. I'm not one to get political online or in conversation. I find people too often let their opinions

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Social Media Tip #25

22 Feb 2014 Social Media 1 Comment

Let's talk Facebook first. Not because it's more important or anything, but because they recently changed their algorithm (see here and here) and show business page posts less...unless it is "high-quality content."

I've done some experimenting, mostly on the River City Community Church Facebook

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Movie Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

20 Feb 2014 Gaining Traction No Comments

Check it out-- Continue reading →

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