Marketing With Events | Part 2

Marketing With Events | Part 2

30 Dec 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Here it is! Part 2 in Marketing With Events. (I'm just excited that it's in two parts.) In Part 1 I talked about why you should consider marketing with events and what you should keep in mind. Here, I'd like to take a look at different

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Marketing With Events | Part 1

28 Dec 2013 Gaining Traction 2 Comments

People are quickly learning to ignore typical media channels (newspapers, TV), while online marketing is a fast-growing, inexpensive option.

One thing that still gets lots of attention, however, is event marketing. People like to do things--free things in particular--and participating in events is an opportunity for your company to market where

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Advertising

12 Dec 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

I thought it would be fun to write a post about Christmas advertising. Because, well, I love Christmas and there can be some really pretty ads out there!

So far this year I've been a little disappointed though. I've started writing this on December 11th, and I only just now feel

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Before You Market, Brand

20 Nov 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

So I have this large travel cup that I love. It's not pretty; there's nothing special about it. In fact, I told David I looked forward to getting other one and he was pretty

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Von Stihl Brauerei

12 Nov 2013 Design 2 Comments

Dad's translation: "Basically, "God created hops and malts to brew beer when the monks couldn't eat anything..."

I have not kept up with my blog like I was supposed to. I have lots of ideas! Really looking forward to an upcoming Christmas post, one about strategy,

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The Forgotten Holiday

01 Nov 2013 Leading Business No Comments

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Celeb Ads: When Are They Effective?

30 Oct 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Click here to see all 4 new commercials.

Persuade. This is a, "Hey we're here. And we're better than that brand." Or "you need us." Or "you didn't know this would change your life, but it will!" I think that celebrities in this kind

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Engage Your Customers

24 Oct 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Usually I don't admit this to anyone, but I love talking about myself. And things I like. And bragging about my my family is always a winner. Don't you too though? It's easy! I know all about it and I enjoy these things. (Don't pretend like I'm alone here; I

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Advertising Partners

21 Oct 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

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09 Oct 2013 Social Media 1 Comment

I've seen hashtags used many different ways. Some people say there's a correct way and a lot of incorrect ways to use them. And if you're talking marketing -- there is a useful way to use them...and everything else.

For example: use #shutdown not #thisisstupid. When someone clicks on #thisisstupid there are

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