Marketing & Groceries

Marketing & Groceries

06 Oct 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Sometimes things don't work...or I'm just slow. I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to find sponges at HEB. One day I was about ready to go to Wal-Mart to stock up when I looked right and found them.

I don't have a bit of advice

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Why Can’t My Target Audience Just Be Everyone?

23 Sep 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

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Does Apple Have Anything Left For Us?

17 Sep 2013 Leading Business No Comments

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Does Being an Aggressive Salesman Work Anymore?

09 Sep 2013 Website Traffic No Comments

I never would have thought that I'd work in advertising, marketing, or anything similar. Like I've said before--just take a look at Mad Men. Those guys are jerks. And I'm not that cool...or

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What Do You Know?

04 Sep 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Online currency today: Do you know what it is? From what I hear, it's content

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What’s your dream?

19 Aug 2013 Leading Business No Comments

One day, I decided to do something random that didn't make any sense. This guy (he wrote a couple books, so you may have heard of him), Jon Acuff, said on Twitter, "Who wants to be part of the Start Experiment? Sign up here." So...I signed up.

Why? I

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What’s Your Story?

16 Aug 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Advertising today...people know what to look for, they know when they're being scammed, they know when they're being lied to (usually), and they have no problem passing over your ad like you didn't just shell out for that full page ad or radio spot or whatever. Boo...

When you're talking to

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Tell Me Who You Are

10 Aug 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Earlier this week we went to Schlitterbahn. A little bit of a crazy week to go do something like that, but sometimes you need a way out of the crazy.

That's a good 30 minute drive from our house, and you can see lots of ads while you're out! One thing

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Bites & Burns

02 Aug 2013 Gaining Traction No Comments

Has anyone seen that "Bites & Burns" billboard at 1604 & Nacogdoches? Do you know what it's for? Because I seriously thought it was for a new spicy chicken sandwich for Whataburger (It's actually for Texas Med Clinic).

Want to know why I thought it was for Whataburger? Because it's right

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Connecting on LinkedIn | Social Media Series Part 4

31 Jul 2013 Social Media No Comments

Why am I going to write about LinkedIn? dad was on a social media site before me!

Here's the message he sent me when I connected with him on LinkedIn: "Yeah! All my other contacts are stuffed shirts! Double

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