Your Business & Social Media | Part 1

Marketing on social media can be a huge pain in the…yeah, you know, booty. Get your company on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (what??), Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, Buzznet, Foursquare, Instagram, CafeMom, and Meetup. I don’t even know what all of those are. ┬áSo, got your business on all of those, right?? Yeah, no… Even taking out … Read more

Let’s See That Passion!

So let’s say you have this thing that you like but no one knows about it. Maybe more than ‘like’–you’re really passionate about it. Let’s say this thing is just about the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen/read/heard/attended and you think that everyone (everyone), no really, everyone (EVERYONE) needs to see/read/hear/attend this. Of course when … Read more