256px-Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgSo, why should you post more, rather than less, often on social media? So we know you!

When copywriting, I’m a “less is more” kind of gal. Sometimes that’s not the case when I’m talking, like, out loud, but that’s different. Shorter copy means I can grab your attention better, usually.

But the amount of posts? That’s completely different!

Think about your brand. Who are you?

Are you friendly? Knowledgeable? Funny? The one who loves all things chicken?

Well, first you need to know who you are, but then you need to convey that to us.

I see different brands I follow on social media that go months in between posts. Then when I see them, I find I really don’t care what they have to say. They can be doing everything right like showing off with a cool “behind the scenes at the biz” post, but I don’t know them so it doesn’t matter to me.

What do you think of when you hear the world social? I know that social media comes to mind, but other than that! Social butterfly, party, talking, making friends… There’s a reason this is called “social media”. We’re supposed to be social; and not just talking heads blabbing about our own brand either. Actually talking to people.

I’ve heard you should start posting on Facebook every day of the week, three times a day: morning, afternoon and evening. That way you’re testing what works best.

But get this: then you start posting four times a day. Then five. (!!) Keep scaling up until you see diminishing returns. Then you know how often to post.

I’ve also read to post once an hour, every hour on Twitter.

That’s a lot of content!

But, it works. The people saying this are doing it themselves and seeing results.

Sure, people will unfollow you. But they weren’t super-loyal followers anyway. You want the people who are going to retweet and share your posts and go out and talk about how great you and your products are. And those are the people who want to read everything you have to say.

What’s the trick here?

No trick: hard work.

One. Be consistent. Don’t post a lot for a couple days then drop off the face of the earth. That’s just obnoxious to read and leads to unfollows.

Two. It’s okay to repeat content. Seriously! Have a new blog post? Post it twice the day you wrote it. Post it again in a couple days. Then next week. And once a month after that for as long as it’s relevant and people are reading it.

Three. If you can’t do it, hire someone who can! (Hint: you guys, I know someone.)

Do what you can, and always be ready to take a leap and make it bigger. Oh, hey, but don’t do that without a plan. And if you need help, you know where to find me.

How often do you post on social media?

January 21, 2015

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