I saw the ‘Champions of Facial Hair’ commercial during the Spurs game and remembered how, when we first saw it, David’s initial thought was to question why Just For Men was using hipsters as their actors. Don’t they target older, ruggedly handsome men with grey hair?

Yes. Yes they do.


But this commercial is different.

1. Young men
2. With beards and mustaches
3. Who are hipsters

Why this new target?

1. Young men: Does stress cause grey hair as the old wive’s tale says? It might actually… Read this from How Stuff Works.
2. With beards and mustaches: They’re totally in. I would have a beard if I could.
3. Who are hipsters: Just look at those beards! Beard = hipster work of art. (See also: that bow tie. Those glasses. And don’t forget the unicorn.)

Client: Just For Men
Ad: Champions of Facial Hair
Agency: The Rex Agency

What do you think about their change in direction for this ad series?

May 30, 2014

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