Von Stihl Brauerei

12 Nov 2013 Design 2 Comments
Dad’s translation: “Basically, “God created hops and malts to brew beer when the monks couldn’t eat anything…”

I have not kept up with my blog like I was supposed to. I have lots of ideas! Really looking forward to an upcoming Christmas post, one about strategy, and one just on brands I love and why I love them. 

I did want to share why I haven’t been keeping up though. See, I’ve wanted Photoshop for awhile now. I’m not great at designing, but there are things that I want to do (see the banner on my blog post here for example). A few weeks ago I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop Elements to see if that would work for me. It can’t do everything, but neither can  I…so it works! The biggest problem is that it doesn’t do CMYK so it isn’t ideal for print, but most of what I do is online so, again, it works.

One project that I have finished was a fun thing for my dad. He brews his own beer at home and is truly a creative at heart I think. So he had this idea to have beer labels, came up with a name, and asked if I could help.

Well, initially I did something truly terrible because I didn’t have Photoshop at the time. We’ll pretend that version doesn’t exist and never mention it again. But the last few weeks I needed something to experiment on, so I tried my hand at it again.

What I’ve learned

One. Research is important and takes time. I don’t know much about beer labels except that they have words and sometimes pictures on them. I don’t even like beer. But here are two of the labels I found in my search that really helped shape my ideas for the final design:


Two. Changes suck. It was my idea to try again…so I found a template which didn’t end up working out, but only after I’d designed something and made changes. (Lydia! Ricky! I get it more than ever now!!)

Three. Sometimes when you least expect it you will have a stroke of genius and the end product is what you go with. My dad wanted a picture on his label, but I could not make it work. I was emailing him to say sorry and that I’m not a great designer and I’m sorry–it just wouldn’t fit. Then I had an idea in the middle of the email and I came away with the end product.

Four. I kind of like designing. Not like, as a designer, but as a marketer and for fun. ‘Content is king’ they say, and we all like pretty pictures because it’s easy content to take in. This skill can only help me and any clients I have.

So, above there’s a preview with a very small piece of the design, but here is the final product. What do you think?