So what’s the word on Ello? Well, that depends on who you ask.

If you ask them, they are simple, beautiful, and ad free. Currently invitation-only, they claim they will never sell your information to to third parties.

I’ve heard it called the next anti-Facebook network (in articles from the likes of The Washington Post, New York Daily News, and more). And wouldn’t you call them that too, simply knowing that they are ad free and trying to protect your privacy?

On the other hand, I’ve read that Ello creators took venture capital. I don’t know what truth there is to this, but I do wonder. Basically, it would mean that Ello took money for getting X amount of users on the site, who they will then sell to the company giving out the money. Read about it here.

How big is Ello now?

I’m not sure. But the exclusivity means people want in. And it’s definitely growing. I managed to snag an invitation and can invite 3 more people. The first 3 to ask will get an invite from me! Simply email me at or leave a comment on the blog.

How does a social network maintain itself when it’s ad free?

Ah, the magic question! So, if they’re not putting ads in front of my face…what are they doing?

Remember their simplicity…well, you can purchase special features. Or, you will be able to at times. This can be anything including, rumor has it, to keep the privacy you started off with. Hopefully this will be more like the special features Facebook has — merely an add-on to your profile and not something you view as necessary (like blocking — special feature coming soon, Ello claims).

Wait, did I say “hopefully” like Facebook? Ugh. That’s obnoxious. Stop inviting me to Candy Crush ya’ll.

Can this work?

Sure it can. But will it? I’ve mostly seen skeptics. I’ve even seen the idea that this is a temporary fix for replacing Facebook. The next “new” thing that will fade quickly.

My take?

It’s still buggy, and there aren’t a lot of people on there. I was able to get in via an acquaintance through a Facebook group I’m part of (go figure). There seems to be a lot of art to share, and Ello doesn’t own any of it, the users do. It’s clean and simple, but very potentially boring.

Are you on Ello? You can find me @jackiemcg. For however long I stay anyway. I’m waiting for the verdict on how true it is that they don’t share your information with third parties.

And don’t forget — The first 3 people to ask will get an invite from me! Simply email me at or leave a comment on the blog.

September 29, 2014

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