One day, I decided to do something random that didn’t make any sense. This guy (he wrote a couple books, so you may have heard of him), Jon Acuff, said on Twitter, “Who wants to be part of the Start Experiment? Sign up here.” So…I signed up.

Why? I think he’s interesting, funny, and a good writer. I trust that this experiment won’t have me shooting into space or trying a new drug for 30 days that might make you unable to sleep for a year.

What was I getting into though? I had no idea.

Turns out I get an email every day for 24 days telling me to START something (you know, to go along with his new book). There are different directions to follow and things to do. It’s all part of STARTing, meeting your goal, following your dream, and most importantly…getting into a community.

START Journal

The email this morning said that, “one of the reasons a lot of dreams fail is that they don’t have support.”

Probably the coolest thing about the #STARTexp (I don’t care if that hashtag means nothing within a blog — I’m using it) isn’t that I’ve gotten more done in a week in nearly every area of my life than I might have in a month. It isn’t that for once I felt exhausted in a good way and not in a ‘oh my gosh another day went by….’ way. It isn’t that my attitude is changing about everything and I’m seeing results. The best thing is the community.

If you’re part of the START experiment then you are invited to these closed groups on Facebook. People were literally so excited that they reopened their Facebook accounts just to be part of the group. It’s that exciting.

For a few days I just read people’s posts. I commented on a couple. Answered a question, offered some advice, told someone he was really cool. Then I bucked up the courage and posted myself. I’ve now posted a few times and have told them things I wouldn’t dare share online or even out loud with most people.

The thing is…it’s a community. People aren’t just talking about their START projects. They’re not just talking about work. They’re talking about being in shape, writing, where they need prayer, why things are hard, where they fail, where they succeed. They’re asking for help, offering help, creating things, and just being awesome.

I was sold on it on the first day before I even did anything. And I’m going to pass this on to my friends. When this is finished, I already have plans to do this with people who I know are stuck and unsure how to START. Because it gives you a community, a purpose, and a true feeling that you are awesome (even if nothing else around you seems awesome), I really look forward to sharing it.

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August 19, 2013

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