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Men–don’t stop reading yet just because I said ‘Pinterest.’ It’s not just for women. While they’re still in the majority on Pinterest, there is SO MUCH there (take a look here, here, and here). Besides, if you’re looking into Pinterest for your business, remember that women are customers too!

Here’s an interesting list of Pinterest stats from Digiday about spending, who’s on Pinterest, and referral traffic. The really interesting bit in here to me is, “In fashion and retail, 18 percent of content engagement on Pinterest is driven by brands, 82 percent by community.”

Do you know what that means? Sharing. Lots of sharing and a good chance of getting noticed! Your stay-at-home-mom deal, your local church, your start-up business…that’s what’s getting found on Pinterest.

Any psychology majors out there? My mom was a psychology major, so I grew up with it. Turns out that since marketing is an art, not a science, psychology is really helpful. For example, take the infographic below…

from huffingtonpost.com

This says that half of Pinterest users have children and 68.2% are female. I’d say that means it would be useful to have a board for the moms out there. What can your business offer them?
The referral traffic and millions of people on Pinterest daily also stood out to me. Pinterest has at least twice as much as LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined. So should you get on Pinterest?? Absolutely!

Here’s another infographic
for you about using Pinterest for business. What to pin, when to pin, why to pin. All the good stuff!

Another marketing resource that I really like is HubSpot. You can find Hubspot and all their infographics and research on Pinterest too! Just follow their boards and get updates on the newest trends in marketing. Really great stuff.

Before you leave…here are a few best practices while on Pinterest that I’d like to share.

Number 1. Don’t only share your stuff!
No one likes it when you only talk about how awesome you are in person, so don’t do it online either. Share stories, show how your product or service is working out in the world, and share other products or ideas your customers can use.

Number 2. It’s all about the visual.
I know, you’re thinking, “um…duh.” But seriously, once you go looking for things and focus on spending time specifically on Pinterest for business, sometimes it’s hard to find things.

That leads to the final one…

Number 3. Don’t stop pinning.
Even if you only go back every few days or just when you’ve got a couple minutes, keep it coming. Marketing is all about content right now, and people are visual, so Pinterest is just a little perfect for this.

So…Get on Pinterest. Engage your audience. Are you on Pinterest yet?

June 21, 2013

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