You need to start retargeting. Now.

Yes, now.

Why you ask? Because it targets those most interested in your product/service and saves you money.

Let’s look at an example…


I was visiting the TOMS site one day (as I so often do). As one of their members and subscribers I got to be part of a special sale they were doing. Now, as much as I want new TOMS (always), I don’t need any right now.

David, on the other hand, happened to come home the day before with a large hole in his shoe. So I was looking at men’s shoes and found the kind he likes.

Next I forwarded him the email, but I hadn’t bought anything yet.

Do you know what happened? I started working.

I was doing some research online and noticed the ads flashing around me. Here’s a screenshot of what I was seeing:


That’s right:


Boom. Retargeting.

How did they know?

It’s not as creepy as you may think. I mean, if you’re highly paranoid, don’t want anyone to know anything… you’d better get out of the the internet, quick. Clear your cache now and set it to clear every 10 seconds (can you do that?).

There’s a bit of code, called a pixel, that you put on a webpage that, when someone visits this page, tracks their progress.

And that’s all you ever hear about retargeting if you’re just skimming an article. But there’s more to it, which makes it less invasive. (No, they don’t have all your personal details…)

TOMS put a pixel on the Men’s shoes (maybe even the Botas) page. It was known that my computer visited there. They also put a different pixel on the Thank You page — the one you see after checking out. But I hadn’t visited that page yet.

When setting up their ads they said to target people who visited the shoes page but didn’t get to the Thank You page. Advertise to those people.


Because they haven’t bought anything yet.

But they’re obviously interested.

Because advertising costs money.

Because potential customers are too smart and/or busy to pay attention to ads today.

Because it takes 3-5 times of seeing your brand before they even begin to recognize you.

Because now they know who is more likely to buy.

Targeting Potential

This is basically increasing your ability to target your audience even further.

You may know that you want to target women, moms in fact, in their 20’s and 30’s, who speak English, live in the US and UK, and eat organic and live all natural.

I can get you thousands of those women to target in ads. But which ones are more likely to buy? The ones who have already visited your website.

Where do I do this?

Honestly, I don’t know all your options. I know that Facebook ads have the option for retargeting. That’s why Facebook makes so much money from ads and why you hear about the Facebook ads market gaining popularity. That’s why Facebook is cracking down on the spam sites and fake news.

And of course there’s Google. What doesn’t Google do?

Where are you doing ads now? Check it out and get started there.

You tell me: Retargeting: creepy, or cool?

February 1, 2015

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