Okay, I suppose you can do marketing without measuring it.

But then what’s the point?

You have no idea what’s working, why something is working, what’s not working, or how to reproduce it.

So you have to measure your success (or lack of) to really do marketing well.

Measure it Here

You know what’s great? Facebook Insights.

Google+ and Twitter Analytics are cool, but these are seriously in-depth! And since 74% of all internet users are on Facebook (versus 23% of online adults using Twitter and 28% using LinkedIn) (From Pew Research as of January 2014), knowing your Facebook audience is really helpful to knowing your overall audience.

First Things First

On your Facebook page you need to have 30 likes to be able to see insights. They have to have something to measure after all.

Now, these things keep changing, but currently, and for awhile now, check the tabs at the top of your Facebook business page and click “Insights”.

The wealth of information is upon you!

What to Check

Here are 3 of my favorite things to find in Facebook insights.

One. Times People Are Online

We’re fighting for people to see our posts. So post when people are online!

Simple right?

There are the “best and worst times to post on social media” that you can follow for each network, but that’s only a guideline. You still need to know when your people are online and engaging.

So head over to the Insights tab, and from there go to the “Posts” tab. There you’ll see a nifty graph telling you what times and how many people are online…for each day of the week.

What days of the week are more of your fans online? What times during the day? These are your optimal post times.


Two. Where Your Page Likes Happen

Now head on over to the “Likes” tab (still under the Insights tab).

There are a few graphs here that are all really helpful, but I like the one about “Where Your Page Likes Happened”.

What’s working on Facebook for you? This is especially helpful if you’re running Facebook ads.

How many organic likes are you getting? How many likes from your ads are you getting? What about suggested pages and likes from mobile?

See what types of ads are working, which ones are getting clicks, and compare to the organic likes you’re getting. Then keep doing those things.


Three. The People Tab

Seriously, this whole tab. (Under Insights, click “People”.)

Who likes your page? Who are you talking to?

Where are they from? Percentage male or female? How old are they?

How can you do marketing well if you don’t know who your target market is? And are you actually reaching your target audience, or have you found a new market? Or do you need to run ads to make sure you get the right audience to follow you?

There are so many questions this tab can answer! It’s not a complete look at your follower’s profile, but this is a basic demographic start.


Bonus Analytics

Something I discovered recently as I get more into Twitter marketing (seriously you guys, ditch Facebook already…Twitter is where it’s at)… and their analytics can only get better over time.

The “Followers” tab on Twitter analytics is fascinating!

Track your follower count by date, plus location (by country, state, AND city), gender, most unique interests, and top interests.

Who are your followers? These give an amazing account.

Not gonna lie…the 1% “Rodeo” interest confuses me.


Do I still call myself a nerd for geeking out over these insights?

One of my favorite things in marketing is the research. I love the psychology behind who we’re targeting, who is responding, and why.

Next we take our research and come up with crazy, awesome, unique ideas to make this all work. What do we talk about? How do we get people’s attention? What happens when we get it? What is the big picture for this biz?

Love it.

What analytics do you track? How do they help you measure your success?

April 27, 2015

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