7 Ways To Buy One Give One... All Year Long

Okay, there are truly about a million ways you can give.

But by buying just one extra item every time you go to the store… you’re giving all year long, you’re giving with your children, and you’re making it a habit.

So that you can give more to people in need and change the world!

This is really all it takes. Because each trip to the store might be small…

But when we all do it… that is huge!

Find out more about Buy One Give One here.

How To Give Generously

Maybe the way I do it is exactly how you want to give.

But maybe it isn’t.

Or maybe you want to do something a little different this time.

How can Buy One Give One apply to you?

I’ve got 7 different ways to help you give all year long, including tips for what and where to give.

1. Buy One $5 Or Less Item

This is the basic premise of Buy One Give One and how I usually give.

Just buy one item at the store and save them up until you find a place to give or just want the space again.

You can find an array of items costing from $1 to $10 whether that’s a can of beans or a family size full meal in a box.

Buy what fits your budget this week. Remember…anything counts. Our goal is just to give.

A Couple Quick Tips

What should I buy, you ask?

San Antonio Food Bank gives out this list of most needed food items:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Chili
  • Canned Stews
  • Canned Luncheon Meats
  • Cereal
  • Full Meals in a Can/Box
  • Tuna
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Pop Top Food Items

Any of these items and more are perfect, but I like to keep up on what’s most needed and go for that.

Another way to know what to buy? Coupons!

A couple weeks ago I bought one of those really big cans of beans with a buy one give one free coupon… so I got to give double that week! (Double buy one give ones!)

2. Give $1, $2 Or $5 At Checkout

You know how at the checkout counter there are those little slips of paper where you tear one off and add that amount to your purchase?

Talk about something I’ve always ignored…

But if you don’t want to keep a ton of groceries in your house, then this is a great way to give every week.

$1, $2 or $5 donation at the grocery store

3. Give At Your Mailbox

In San Antonio (and I’m sure other cities) our Food Bank has a food drive a few times a year where they send you a paper bag like this.

SAFB-food-drive-bag-mailboxAll you do is fill it with food and leave it by your mailbox.

This happens a few times a year and is really a great way to give and to clean out your pantry if you need to as well.


4. Give During The Holidays

donation-stationYou know what gets talked about at the holidays?

I mean, other than all the things you need to buy… giving!

And that’s the whole goal of Buy One Give One… to give more. And it matters at the holidays too.

But we don’t want it to be an afterthought… we want it to be a part of who we are and something we can do all year.

So save up those food items and give at the holidays. Because there are places literally everywhere that you can give.

This last end-of-year holiday season I saw places to give at WalMart, Target, HEB (grocery store), banks, dance, school…

Seriously. If you can’t find one opportunity to give then you either need to get out of the house or look around more when you’re out!

All you have to do is look for some sort of donation container at the front of the store. It will be well labeled… you can’t miss it!

5. Give Where You Go

Do you attend church? A yoga studio or gym? Does your workplace have donation drives?

Well, chances are they provide opportunities to give at some point in the year.

Whenever they are, and whatever they are giving, commit to give just a little at a time, every week, so that you can give all year long.

And if they don’t have something?

See if you can help them partner with an organization to give. It helps keep morale up, brings the place together, and it might even be a tax incentive depending on how it works.

6. Team Up With The Family

You know who loves to help? Kids.

And who learns by watching what you do? Your kids.

Whether they’re 2 or 12 or 22… they look up to you and learn from you.

So when you’re at the store with the kiddos… let them help pick out the item to give and put it in the cart.

And when you’re ready to give, make sure to take them with you. They’ll want to be part of it!

Don’t have kids? Make whoever is in the house join you. It’s always better to give together!

7. Give To Your Favorite Charity/Non-Profit

What charity – national or local – do you love? Who do you believe in?

This all started because David and I went looking for who supports refugees in San Antonio.

And Buy One Give One was born… where you clean out your closet, stock up on food to give…

And just give.

Want to learn more? Read about how it was started and how you can make a difference here.

Bonus Tip: Remembering To Give

This is tough. It really is. Because you have to get in the habit first.

So how do you do it?

  1. Set a “Buy One Give One” alarm on grocery day
  2. Set a recurring calendar event on grocery day (with a reminder sent to you!)
  3. Use a grocery list? Add “Buy One Give One” to it! Especially if that list is a phone app… you don’t even have to type it out every time. It’s just always there.

Personally I use #3 with my grocery app. I’ve only forgotten once… and I remembered as soon as I got home and started making my list for next week (because of course).

So I bought 2 next week. All set, and back in the habit!

Which tip will you try out? What other tips do you have to add?