What’s your dream?

One day, I decided to do something random that didn’t make any sense. This guy (he wrote a couple books, so you may have heard of him), Jon Acuff, said on Twitter, “Who wants to be part of the Start Experiment? Sign up here.” So…I signed up. Why? I think he’s interesting, funny, and a good writer. I trust that this experiment won’t have me shooting into space or trying

What’s Your Story?

Advertising today…people know what to look for, they know when they’re being scammed, they know when they’re being lied to (usually), and they have no problem passing over your ad like you didn’t just shell out for that full page ad or radio spot or whatever. Boo… When you’re talking to someone about your business, if you just give them some facts and figures and $$ break downs…well, that’s not

Tell Me Who You Are

Earlier this week we went to Schlitterbahn. A little bit of a crazy week to go do something like that, but sometimes you need a way out of the crazy. That’s a good 30 minute drive from our house, and you can see lots of ads while you’re out! One thing that I really hate…I mean, really, really hate — and I’m sure you do too — is local ads.

Bites & Burns

Has anyone seen that “Bites & Burns” billboard at 1604 & Nacogdoches? Do you know what it’s for? Because I seriously thought it was for a new spicy chicken sandwich for Whataburger (It’s actually for Texas Med Clinic). Want to know why I thought it was for Whataburger? Because it’s right next to a Whataburger! It looks even closer to the Whataburger driving at it rather than alongside it.  It

Connecting on LinkedIn | Social Media Series Part 4

Why am I going to write about LinkedIn? Because…my dad was on a social media site before me! Here’s the message he sent me when I connected with him on LinkedIn: “Yeah! All my other contacts are stuffed shirts! Double Yeah!!” I hope none of his contacts read this…he’s really not talking about you! He’s talking about the other guys he’s connected with… The thing about my dad is that

Who Loves PInterest? | Social Media Part 2

I love Pinterest! You can follow me here. Also, I’m so behind my goal on blogging. I’m working on it! Men–don’t stop reading yet just because I said ‘Pinterest.’ It’s not just for women. While they’re still in the majority on Pinterest, there is SO MUCH there (take a look here, here, and here). Besides, if you’re looking into Pinterest for your business, remember that women are customers too! Here’s

Your Business & Social Media | Part 1

Marketing on social media can be a huge pain in the…yeah, you know, booty. Get your company on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (what??), Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, Buzznet, Foursquare, Instagram, CafeMom, and Meetup. I don’t even know what all of those are.  So, got your business on all of those, right?? Yeah, no… Even taking out the ones that I don’t know what they are (although I looked them up and

Leave Your Mark

It’s June! Gosh, where did that come from? Because of everything that’s going on I completely missed April, and May was just a huge blur. So I’ve been puttering along…working here, playing with Chelsea there, reading, drinking hot tea and working on future things. A picture of Chelsea…you know, just because. In the meantime I’ve been trying to figure out what on earth to do with this blog. I’ve had

Do Something Worth Talking About

Last week I wrote about not letting your passion die. You can check it out here. So how’s it going? Have you told everyone heard about your passion yet? If so, great! You’re not done yet though. As I was reminded by a friend, “You can’t just talk about it…you have to DO something!” I had planned to write about that later but had no idea what to say at