Who You Listen To Matters

Have you ever thought about who you listen to? Not just their names but who they are and what they know? Growing up I was always outside the “in crowd”… always trying to get inside the bubble. In fact, that carried into adulthood too. I have never been more thankful for it than now though. Because we need to realize that we all live in a bubble of some sort.

The Impact Of Small Grocery Store Purchases

Have you ever agreed with someone on most things, but then one day you turn around and discover you differ on pretty much everything, even though you’re not really sure what changed? Considering what I see on Facebook these days, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one in that boat. Here’s the thing… I’m going to be honest here, and I hope you’ll stay with me through it. I’m



Sometimes we are told there is beauty in complexity. In nature’s many patterns and mysteries. The Fibonacci spirals in a succulent plant The vastness of an unknown space Life yet undiscovered in the ocean depths Often we are reminded of the beauty in our own elaborate creations. The brushstrokes of Van Gogh The words of Dickinson The discoveries of Galileo We ourselves are explained by systems. Working together seamlessly. Balanced

Sometimes You Take a Leap

We’ve been trying to volunteer with refugees for two years. Yes, two years. I don’t remember what it was that happened in Syria two years ago that got our attention, but we’ve been trying since then. It’s hard when you work during the day, have kids too young to help, and you are introverts. The closest we got was to helping with a Christmas party for the families at a

Cultural Conversations: Refugees in San Antonio

How Can We Help Refugees?

On Monday evening I went to the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio to attend an event… “Cultural Conversations: Refugees in San Antonio“. In San Antonio we’re lucky enough to have people from many different cultures. And if you know me, then you know I’ve discovered I’m quite passionate about refugees, especially considering what’s been going on lately. Not only was I hoping to learn more, but I was

Take Back The First 100 Days

We went to the Women’s March in San Antonio yesterday. And there’s something I need you to know about it… There were people who 100% agreed with the Unity Principles of the event and people who disagreed with some of it. But that’s not really the point. If you look around you and don’t see anyone hurting… If you look around and don’t see something that needs to change… If

Why And How We Need To Help Refugees Now

If your head isn’t in the sand, then you’ve heard about what’s happening in Aleppo. The Syrian Civil War between President Assad and the rebels seems to be ending… and not in favor of those who have been fighting for a democracy and for their lives. As millions have escaped Syria during this time we’ve seen an uproar in the US over allowing them to come here. But let’s be