Let’s See That Passion!

So let’s say you have this thing that you like but no one knows about it. Maybe more than ‘like’–you’re really passionate about it. Let’s say this thing is just about the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen/read/heard/attended and you think that everyone (everyone), no really, everyone (EVERYONE) needs to see/read/hear/attend this. Of course when you tweet about it no one pays attention. “But this will totally change your world!”

It’s Okay to Make a Mistake

We watch a lot of movies at our house. I mean, as a film major David knows everything — he knows which movies we’ll want to see, what the reviews say, the IMDB rating, and quite possibly how they all end too. David and I both have our favorites, as does Chelsea. In fact we watched Wreck-It Ralph for the hundredth time in a row this afternoon. Good thing I