How To Make A Difference Right Now

It’s hard to know what we can do sometimes. The world changes and we just feel stuck or lost. Whether it seems large or small though, everything helps. Gathered from friends and people I follow, these are some ideas to help now. Ways you can give, volunteer, effectively talk to government, new projects and more. Stand up for people. People you know and strangers. Befriend them, especially when they need

Food Drive… Just Walk To Your Mailbox!

Look what just came to the mailbox! You can now give the items you’ve been saving up super, super easy. Just walk them down to your mailbox! Or, if you’ve been saving for quite awhile… maybe take a quick drive, depending on how far your mailbox is. Buy One Give One Buy One Give One started when I realized that I want to give more… but if I wait until

How To Get More Done In Less Time: From A Ridiculously Organized Work-At-Home Mom

I know there’s been a lot of this out there lately. I just listened to Amy Porterfield’s podcast on it, in fact. But I’ve had the idea to write this before I saw everyone was doing it… I just haven’t taken the time! So before I’m really out of date here… Let’s take a look at my day! Everyone’s day is different. And every person is different. But it helps

The “Mom Job” For An Introvert

I’m going to offend some people here. And for that I’m sorry. Please take this as my personality and trying to help others like me. That doesn’t mean I think ill of others who do this whole working mom thing differently… Just that it’s not for me and it’s not for everyone. The “Typical” Work-At-Home Mom Job What do you do when you have kids? Well, hopefully you’re a teacher

How to Grow Fast and Fail Spectacularly

You read that right! Grow fast but fail spectacularly. (It seems I have a theme in my last couple blog posts.) I see a lot of marketers who can grow your business fast! But they forget something really, really important… The brand. They will sacrifice the brand (in graphics, language, spam, etc) to get short term growth. And the numbers are seriously fantastic! But the problem… is what happens after.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand For Big Numbers

Here’s a quick Marketing Tip of the Week for you! Don’t sacrifice your brand just to get bigger numbers. You can follow every marketing trend and get fantastic stats from it (I’ve seen it done!). But when you are just doing what everyone else is doing… Are you getting the right people to pay attention? This is really an argument of what kind of growth is best. Does slow and

What To Do With Facebook Ad Options

What To Do With Facebook Ad Options

Facebook ads used to be really simple. Choose your targeting, create your ad, wait for it to be approved… Run your ad. But now there are so many details and qualifications, and it seems like Facebook is constantly changing how it works. How on earth are you supposed to keep up? Don’t worry, because we’ve got it all laid out for you, complete with a free download! Because you can