How to Be Organized and Get More Done

How to Be Organized and Get More Done

First question: do you know where your phone is? If you don’t, then you’re probably disorganized. Okay, terrible question. Because I don’t know where my phone is, and I am super organized. That’s not true. I am organized, but I also know where my phone is. I didn’t used to though. I don’t mean one of those, “where is my phone??” and you’re holding it. I mean when you really

4 Goodies You (Yes, You!) Can Find in Google Analytics

I recently talked about how you can’t do marketing well unless you measure it. And I talked about my favorite Facebook insights with a bonus Twitter insight. Haven’t read it? Check it out here. Let’s get to the really big one though — Google Analytics. Google Analytics is something else, am I right? There are so many places to click. How are you supposed to figure out where to go

What is inbound marketing?

Do You Really Need to Know What Inbound Marketing Is?

Have you heard this term? Inbound Marketing. Fancy, right? What the heck does it mean? I’ve seen some fancy definition that make no sense. (I think some people write definitions just to confuse you… and sometimes that’s so you’ll throw money at them and tell them to do their thing.) But a writer I work with has a superb explanation of it on her site. Inbound Marketing: Marketing whereby people

You Can’t “Do” Marketing Without Measuring It

Okay, I suppose you can do marketing without measuring it. But then what’s the point? You have no idea what’s working, why something is working, what’s not working, or how to reproduce it. So you have to measure your success (or lack of) to really do marketing well. Measure it Here You know what’s great? Facebook Insights. Google+ and Twitter Analytics are cool, but these are seriously in-depth! And since

Social Media Marketing Tip #89

You know what we all love to see from our favorite brands? A little behind the scenes action! How many of you have had marathons watching the behind the scenes appendices from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Just me? No one else? (Well this got awkward…) Behind the Scenes It’s seriously fascinating stuff. Like how long it took two men to piece together every chain in every piece of

Mance Rayder’s Freelancer Mantra

The freedom to make my own mistakes is all I ever wanted. -Mance Rayder & Freelancers Everywhere Mance Rayder said this in the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere “The Wars to Come”. I’m a little late in posting, because freelancing, but this quote jumped out at me as soon as he said it. Then again later in my husband’s GoT recap.  I think this is a new freelancer mantra.

13 Ways to NOT Talk About Yourself

When you’re running your social media accounts there is one thing that’s easy to talk about. Your business. Promotions, news, your people, pictures of your workplace… I could go on. But that’s not all we want to hear about. It’s Like You’re on a Date No one likes the guy who talks just about himself and ignores you on a date. Or the girl (pretty as she may be) who

Different Network, Different Audience

How many social networks do you post on? What do you post on each network? Let me just say one thing… I hope you don’t just post the same thing across all 18 social networks you have. In fact, if you have your Facebook and Twitter connected… please undo that! It’s very impersonal to see you say the exact same thing in 2 different places. Different Messages For Different Audiences

We’re Expanding!

You heard right — Jackie McGinnis Marketing is growing! We’re starting to work with more clients and want to offer more marketing and designing services, so our team is growing into a team of experts. Not only do we offer branding, marketing strategy and copywriting… But we are happy to have graphic designer Ricky Maldonado join the team! About Ricky Ricky is a freelance graphic designer here in San Antonio