Sometimes we are told there is beauty in complexity.
In nature’s many patterns and mysteries.

The Fibonacci spirals in a succulent plant
The vastness of an unknown space
Life yet undiscovered in the ocean depths

Often we are reminded of the beauty in our own elaborate creations.

The brushstrokes of Van Gogh
The words of Dickinson
The discoveries of Galileo

We ourselves are explained by systems.
Working together seamlessly.
Balanced and in place.
Unique and beautiful.

Until we’re not.

Sometimes the upheaval we’re faced with
Is more than we want to handle.
We seek a simple answer.
Require an easy response.
But if there is beauty in life’s essence
Why is it disregarded in more entangled settings?

Illness and heartache
Civics and disagreement
Love and humanity

In our desire to choose sides.
To understand.
To be understood.
To erase our fear.
To let a simple life bring ease and pleasure.
We have lost the allure
And forgotten how to find value in his life.
In hers.
In ours.
By examining the intricate mosaic
To find where we can move forward
Where you and I overlap
And eminence is found in complexity.