Don't Sacrifice Your Brand For Big NumbersHere’s a quick Marketing Tip of the Week for you!

Don’t sacrifice your brand just to get bigger numbers.

You can follow every marketing trend and get fantastic stats from it (I’ve seen it done!). But when you are just doing what everyone else is doing… Are you getting the right people to pay attention?

This is really an argument of what kind of growth is best. Does slow and steady really win the race? Or do you need as many people as possible to get their eyes on your product/service so that you grow faster?

Facebook Ad Stats

Let’s take Facebook ads as an example.

There are many, many options for getting the right people to pay attention to your Facebook ad. You can be general, specific, even target people who like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


Facebook Ads have the best audience targeting options around. Better than Google and any other social network (though they’re working hard to catch up).

So when choosing your audience, think about who is going to want your product or service.

If you are a house cleaning agency, you may want to target working moms, for example. My guess is that they make the decisions on how the house gets cleaned. And they are the ones who have the least amount of time to get it done.

Next you run your Facebook ad and let them determine how often your ad gets seen. The Facebook algorithm strikes again! Luckily, they want to make money, so they try to help out both the advertiser (where the money comes from) and the users (without them, ads would be completely unnecessary).

The way the Facebook ad algorithm works is that they show your ad to more people when it has been performing well. To the point where Facebook is grading it with a “Relevancy Score”.

relevancy-score-facebook-adsThis relevancy score is rated from 1-10 and can be found in your Ads Manager.

The higher your number, the better Facebook says your ad is performing to your audience. And the more they will show your ad to the audience you’ve selected.

Guess when it is that you get a low relevancy score?

When your audience is too general… when your ad doesn’t apply to them… and no one is responding to your ad.

Slow and Steady Growth

When you are more concerned about your target audience and making sure you stay true to your brand, you might get smaller numbers rolling in. But the numbers are more focused and specific to who you want to sell to.

After all, not everyone likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…

But when you target those who do, they will respond!

And beyond that, when your ad reflects your brand, those who responded to your ad will want to stick around. They’re not just going to click on your ad and skip off your website within a few seconds.

Instead they’re going to look around, sign up for your newsletter, download your free offer or even buy something.

Do you know your brand well enough to stick to it in your advertising?

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