Food Drive... Just Walk To Your Mailbox!Look what just came to the mailbox!

You can now give the items you’ve been saving up super, super easy. Just walk them down to your mailbox!

Or, if you’ve been saving for quite awhile… maybe take a quick drive, depending on how far your mailbox is.

Buy One Give One

Buy One Give One started when I realized that I want to give more… but if I wait until the end of the year.

Then I really don’t have much left to give.

So now I give all year long!

Every time I go to the store I buy just one extra item of food. That’s $5 or less added to your bill every week.

It’s not much at one time (though, I’ll admit, sometimes I really don’t want to do it)… but it all adds up!

And what happens when we all do it? That’s a whole lot of food given to those who need it!

Want to find out more? Check out: Buy One Give One, and just start giving. It’s that easy!

San Antonio Food Bank: Stamp Out Hunger

A few times a year (apparently the first one is mid-May) we’ll get these paper bags in our mailboxes.

Literally all you have to do is put food items in the bag and put this by your mailbox.

The mailman will then take it with him and deliver it to the San Antonio Food Bank for you.

That’s it! It’s that easy!

And my goal? Is to make giving easy.

Not because giving should be easy… but because once you’ve in the habit you just can’t stop.

On another note… I really think I’m going to need a bigger bag!