How To Grow Fast And Fail SpectacularlyYou read that right!

Grow fast but fail spectacularly. (It seems I have a theme in my last couple blog posts.)

I see a lot of marketers who can grow your business fast! But they forget something really, really important…

The brand.

They will sacrifice the brand (in graphics, language, spam, etc) to get short term growth.

And the numbers are seriously fantastic!

But the problem… is what happens after.

When Marketing Goes Wrong

Let’s say someone sees a Facebook ad your marketing company did for you. They click on the ad, but when they get to your website… they’re not interested.

The result is fantastic Facebook ad data! Look at those numbers your marketing company is sending! So many clicks and at only 20 cents a click! Wow!

But you don’t have any (or many) sales.

So What Happened?

People responded to the ad.

But the ad didn’t match your website.

Or maybe people opted into your lead magnet (free offer) but didn’t take the next step and buy something from you.

In this case, I would say that your problem is consistency throughout your brand. Between ads, website and emails marketing, you have to be consistent so people recognize you, pay attention, and take you up on more products and offers.

How To Stay Consistent

How well do you understand your company and brand? How well does your team understand it?

And beyond that…

Does your marketing company know your business? Do they understand what you do?

Do they have your style guide and know how to look and talk like you?

Practical Tips

There are templates you can use for just about anything… And marketers all have one or two they use. But they can be modified to fit you. In fact, they should be.

Then your Facebook ads are running at 8 cents a click (not 20) and the people subscribing to your newsletter are actually interested and stay subscribed.

The people coming to the website are staying and looking around, not leaving after 5 seconds.

The people being advertised a resource (free or paid) actually want it. And not only that, but they want more of what you have… not just the one small resource.

Plus, if you want long term growth, then when your marketing company really knows you and knows your brand… They aren’t just setting up one ad based on their template.

They are setting up a series of ads that are specifically targeted and modified to fit you.

And it doesn’t have to break the bank… $10 a day is all you need for Facebook ads to get people through an entire sales funnel.

Take a look at your marketing. Does it match your brand? Or does it sacrifice who you are to get attention or be just like everything else you see?

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