How to Respond to Trolls

If you’ve been on social media for any length of time, then you know there is a period when no one comments on your blogs or responds to you on social media (or maybe just your mom).

But what about when you do get responses? And they aren’t what you were hoping for?

Because let’s be honest… We all hope for a well known influencer in our industry to retweet our latest blog post or for a potential client to want to know how to work with us because of our latest Facebook post.

And you never know when that will start happening.

But until then… You get the troll and spam comments. You know the ones I’m talking about.

How do you respond to them? Should you respond to them?

As with most things in marketing… it depends.

The First Step

The first thing you need to do (start taking notes here)… is to have a plan.

I’m organized and like to plan every little thing out. But this is one place where you definitely should stick to the plan. Because when the time comes, the trolls will make you angry…

Don’t respond to them in anger, trust me.

Know what you’re going to do when you get a comment on social media or your blog. I mean any comment, not just trolls, in this case.

Have your plan, and stick to it.

When to Respond

There are absolutely times when you need to respond to comments from people!

  1. When they ask a question. It’s just good customer service to answer! Not to mention good business.
  2. When someone complains. Again, good customer service and good business. Plus, everyone else can see that you respond and take care of your people. Win win situation here.
  3. Any good comment you get. Say “thanks”, send a smiley face emoji… Whatever language fits your brand, use it and respond.

When Not to Respond

Don’t reply to spam. That comment does not have to go up on your blog, nor does it have to stay live on social media.

There is good marketing, bad marketing and spam.

It’s pretty obvious the spam too.. Why is this person commenting from aljnlijnijnfisbvlsav@lahfbiefalifniocfe.iofheai? It’s spam.

Why are they talking about watches? It’s spam. (Unless you’re a watch company, in which case, read carefully).

Is their English correct? If not, then it’s probably spam. You don’t want to be a grammar Nazi here, but if numerous words are missing, switched or used incorrectly, it’s spam.

Then There Are the Trolls

The trolls come out of the woodwork when you get enough internet fame that they will get some attention and when you are just unsure enough of yourself to not know how to respond.

You may not realize they are trolls at first… but they will always come back. Then you know.

And when they constantly have a criticism no matter what you say… It’s a troll who doesn’t like his bridge anymore.

Feeding the trolls =

  • Responding in anger
  • Continuing to respond to numerous hateful or unhelpful comments and questions
  • When you stop writing and posting
  • When you are mean back
  • Crying in bed under the blankets

Don’t feed the trolls.

What’s your plan for comments on your blog and social media?|

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