eCommerce Purchases: Beauty

An eCommerce store, official stockist of your favourite makeup and skincare brands – New Zealand owned! They hadn’t updated Facebook ads in years, but now they have more purchases than before (on the same budget) and for as little as $1.61 per purchase. The ads strategy I created includes Lead Generation ads, retargeting ads, purchase ads, and traffic ads. We are utilizing carousel ads and video ads to grab attention

Leadership Development Leads & Course

Tammy is an amazing coach who “teaches women business leaders and entrepreneurs five Power Moves that help them shift from being limited by feelings of self-doubt to becoming a confident and well-prepared leader in any situation.” Doesn’t she sound amazing? I created a funnel for her from the ground up strategizing, creating opt-ins, running ads and getting leads, creating email automation, creating and testing different iterations of a sales page,

Dance Leads Funnel

Throughout the semester we get more leads at the start of a semester (for as little as $1.36 per lead), but overall leads are $10.42 from August – December. From these leads the dance studio contacts them to set up a free lesson time and hopes to add them to the roster for the year! They’re very happy with ads as most of the leads that come in end up

Geek Bomb Social Media

A geeky, women-run entertainment site, home of #PWR (Playing, Watching, Reading), and the podcasts Smaudecast, and Fungeons and Flagons. I ran social media for them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posting not only the latest video content but engaging the fans with games, fun dates, quizzes, and more.

Hipster Investments | Newsletters & Social Media

A boutique real estate investment company located in Los Angeles, Hipster Investments provides education, promotion and referrals for various real estate investment properties. One of Jackie’s Marketing Manager (or “Ambassador of Buzz”) duties is to write the newsletters sent out each week to subscribers. Newsletters range from fun “enjoy a bit of daydreaming” to education on real estate investing to introducing new properties available for sale. She also manages the

Web Marketing Outlaws | Social Media & Newsletters

Web Marketing Outlaws is an online marketing education company that provides business growth strategies so you can leverage your time and money to get results and create the freedom to do what you love. Jackie is specifically in charge of driving traffic to the Web Marketing Outlaws website, which she does through managing the Facebook page, managing Facebook ads, editing blog posts, and writing the weekly newsletter. She also manages